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The voiage to 15-minute cities

Imagine your future city.

The 15-minute city is a new paradigm for urban development, the idea that you can access everything you need to carry out in your daily life within a quarter of an hour by walking, biking, taking public transport or a shared micromobility service. By reversing car dependency in cities, space can be redistributed for social interaction, activity areas, local businesses, urban greening and other activities making cities liveable and vibrant.

We at Voi are committed to the idea of the 15-minute city and pledge to do our part to support cities and citizens across Europe to embark on this movement.

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Gathering thought leaders to discuss future cities.

In June 2021, experts across transport, innovation, accessibility and urban planning joined our landmark symposium on the best way forward to make 15-minute cities a reality.

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Reimagining Stockholm's most polluted street.

Hornstull is one of the most polluted areas in Sweden and a hazard for lightweight travellers. We decided to reimagine the area together with the architect firm CF Møller.

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Making mobility accessible to all.

Our vision is to make cities for people and not cars, and that means all people. That’s why we brought in the Paris-based research company 6t to help us understand what’s needed to make e-scooters more inclusive.

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Closer ties between micromobility and public transport benefit cities.

A joint initiative between Voi and German rail operator S-Bahn Stuttgart has proven to both improve e-scooter parking and boost public transport ticket sales. This project is a promising step in the direction of mutually beneficial integration between micromobility and public transport providers.

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We are committed to the 15-minute city movement.

At Voi we think it's time to call for a new paradigm for urban planning and mobility. That's why we are committed to the 15-minute city movement and pledge action to help reshape cities.

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