Voi reaches 100 million rides

Mar 23, 2022

We just reached 100 million rides! That’s right, together we have scooted and cycled our way – all the way – to 100 million rides.

The milestone ride, which took place in Seville, Spain on March 20, follows a year of substantial growth. Since January 2021, we have expanded into over 80 towns and cities across 11 countries (up from 45 cities in 2020). During 2021, our rides more than tripled, and we hit a peak of 300,000 rides in a single day in July last year. Over the same time frame, our team has more than doubled, and we continue to lead the way in terms of fleet size, fleet efficiency and fleet lifespan.

To put this latest milestone into perspective, it took us seven months to reach our first million rides in March 2019; six weeks to reach the second million and by September 2019, rides had already exceeded the 10 million mark. Now, we are seeing demand for our e-scooters and e-bikes grow faster than ever before.

Fredrik Hjelm, Voi’s co-founder and CEO says: “Reaching 100 million rides is not only a huge milestone for the whole Voi community, both riders and our teams across Europe, but also for the towns and cities we operate in. It’s truly amazing to see that sustainable micromobility is being adopted by the mass market and that we have been able to play such a great role in that transition.”

“We are humbled that millions of riders every month trust us to help them make journeys across the towns and cities in which they live and work. With every milestone reached, this Voiage exceeds any expectations we had when we founded the company four years ago. Our vision of shaping cities made for living has remained the same since 2018 and, with this in mind, we are already working out how we get to one billion rides!”

Advancing modal shift and access to public transport

The popularity of our micromobility service and the willingness of people to seek out new ways of travelling has enabled us to replace short car journeys with more than 16% of our e-scooter and e-bike rides across the UK and Europe in 2021. This modal shift number rises to 39% in countries such as the UK. Overall, Voi has helped replace more than nine million car trips in 2021 alone.

In the report “Transport Strategies for Net-Zero Systems by Design”, the OECD has concluded that expansion of on-demand micro-transit services, such as shared bicycles and micromobility, are key to making public transport more convenient and for accelerating the development of sustainable transport networks. Voi’s milestone of reaching 100 million rides in Europe underlines the huge opportunity shared micromobility brings to governments, cities and towns that strive to speed up the green transition to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

The V5 Voiage of discovery

News of 100 million rides follows last week’s announcement of the Voiager 5 (V5), our safest and most durable scooter to date. Following the rapid rollout of the Voiager 4 (V4), we have built upon the design achievements of last year’s model and made them even more sustainable for the V5. Deep analysis of repair cycles and quality assurance checks enabled the improved design, so that the V5 sets a new industry benchmark for durability. The V5 is Voi’s most circular vehicle yet, with components that are easier to repair and reuse, plus more than double the number of recycled materials.

Where Voi leads, others follow

Voi has a track record of innovating in the micromobility sector, demonstrating leadership in the industry. We were the first operator to launch in Europe in 2018. We were the first to create an accredited traffic school, RideLikeVoila which has trained more than 600,000 riders and, in addition, we were the first operator to go carbon neutral in January 2020.

In November 2021, we took this commitment to sustainability a step further when we pledged to go carbon positive by 2023 at the global climate summit, COP26. And instead of buying offsets, we have committed to replacing over one billion car journeys by the end of the decade.

Voi was the first micromobility company to call for regulation of e-scooters and its decision to work closely with cities and other transport providers has helped it to secure the largest licensed market share in Europe.

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