Always a Voiager

Apr 3, 2020

Each and every person in our Voi family has contributed to making the company the European success that it has quickly become. Our people are our most important asset and we as a company do not take it lightheartedly to have to say goodbye to members of the Voi family. We are committed to the continuous personal growth of our employees – current, future and former. This is why we have put in place our “Always a Voiager” program that actively connects and recommends former employees with other companies who are hiring.

With “Always a Voiager” we pledge to:

  1. Take responsibility for how we impact our employees’ personal situations and commit to supporting our them going through this process

  2. Take an active role in helping former employees getting access to new opportunities, using our strong brand, in-house Talent Acquisition expertise and other key resources at our disposal

There is no “one size fits all” programme when searching for new opportunities. We all have different backgrounds, interests and skills. The “Always a Voiager” program is designed to actively recommend and connect former Voi employees with interesting companies who are currently hiring to make sure we find the right match. Voi’s Talent Acquisition team will also be hosting interview trainings, virtual networking events and provide feedback to CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

Voi has a network full of companies and recruitment agencies who are currently hiring and looking forward to connect with Voi talents and to date ~30 of these have signed up to be part of our “Always a Voiager” program.

“We are so grateful for all the companies reaching out to us to help our Voi colleagues find a new job. It’s fantastic that so many companies are doing well despite the current circumstances and that we can support each other in that eco-system. Not only does this mean that more people will stay out of unemployment, but it also means the economy will keep moving.”

– Camilla Bråneryd, Head of Talent Acquisition at Voi

Are you an employer interested in getting in touch with a Voi talent? Reach out to our Head of Talent Acquisition, Camilla Bråneryd.

Once a Voiager – Always a Voiager.

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