Behind the scenes at Voi in the UK

Nov 3, 2020

Voi has been up and running in the U.K. for two months now, and we have a lot to celebrate: smiling riders who use Voi e-scooters to commute, run errands, travel independently, and social distance. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Today we delve into our operations in Birmingham and Northampton — meet our warehouse managers, see how we charge our swappable batteries, learn more about our cleansing and maintenance processes, and hear from some of employees and users about how Voi is becoming an increasingly important part of their lifestyle and their cities’ transportation networks.


We’re always happy to hear from our users. Nadia Zlateva, a marketing student and influencer from Birmingham, shares how Voi helps her to get around town.

How did you find out about Voi?
I heard about Voi through the local news.

Why did you decide to try the e-scooters? 
Although I had never even been on an e-scooter before Voi, I found riding it so easy and fun. The scooters are sturdy and comfortable, which was quite important for me as a first-timer. I felt super safe. My first ride definitely exceeded my expectations. 

How do you use Voi?

I use the e-scooters to pop into coffee shops, scout content locations, and go on small supermarket shopping trips. I’m in my final year as student, so I’m busy with studies as well as working as a content creator. Being able to cut time from walking gives me more time to get stuff done. It also saves me from looking like a hot, sweaty mess when I’m going places!

Why do you think Voi is good for Birmingham?

Birmingham is such a busy city, and we are living in very challenging times. The thought of using public transport right now makes me feel anxious, so the scooters are definitely a much more comfortable way for me to travel. They’re also better for the environment than driving a car everywhere. I think I share this opinion with a lot of people.

What do you like most about Voi?

My favourite thing about the scooters is how user-friendly they are — and that includes the app. Everything is straightforward, which makes the experience so much smoother. And let’s be honest — we cannot deal with any more inconveniences in 2020! 

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