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The city of Bergen, Norway, chooses Voi

a red e-scooter is standing at the top of concrete stairs. in the background is a light yellow building and some trees. it's a cloudy day

We are delighted to announce that Voi has been chosen as one of three operators to deliver shared e-scooters in Bergen, Norway, for the coming two seasons. This year, Voi has won tenders in the three largest cities in Norway.

“We are very proud about this renewed recognition from the municipality to provide e-scooters for all residents in the city,” says Christina Moe Gjerde, General Manager Nordics at Voi.

Safety highly prioritised

In May 2022 , we launched our safety campaign and safety, both for riders and non-riders, was the most important part of our offer to Bergen. In particular, this is because the city has challenging rider conditions with cobblestones and a lot of rain.

“For Voi, it has been important to show that we can deliver a safe and easily accessible service, for riders and other commuters. Our new model Voiager 5 has larger tyres and deeper tread depth than the previous models. We will also use geofencing to limit the speed and parking in certain areas,” says Moe Gjerde.