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All lives do not matter until Black Lives Matter

All lives do not matter until Black Lives Matter

Voi, as a brand and as people, are allies with and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Therefore, we have made the conscious decision to quiet down our communications channels more than normal as the protests are ongoing in the US and around European cities. Right now, we believe that the best thing we can do, as a commercial brand, is to take up less space and allow more important voices to be heard in, for instance, social media.

Our opinion is that hashtags related to the movement should be filled with relevant insights and expert knowledge, first-hand experiences from people of colour, advice for allies on how to acknowledge and use their white privilege to support the cause. Not with commercial brands who wish to shed light on their own sense of solidarity.

Around the world, people of color are asking for the bare minimum right now, basic civil rights. Our stand is very simple – all lives do not matter, until black lives matter.

Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and Co-Founder of Voi Technology