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Cycle To Work Day is the perfect time to jump on a Voi e-bike

Cycle To Work Day is the perfect time to jump on a Voi e-bike

Cycle to Work Day (Thursday 4 August) is celebrated every year to encourage more people to commute to work on a bike, which we also cherish and promote at Voi.

The history of Cycle to Work Day is worth noticing as it started way back during World War II when many countries were experiencing fuel shortages, and more citizens started to cycle to work. Later on, the League of American Bicyclists took the lead in highlighting the benefits of cycling, persuading even more people to cycle to work.

An e-bike in front of a cathedral

Today, Cycle to Work is an important annual celebration to incentivise people to ditch the engine and jump on a bike, reducing pollution and helping tackle the climate crisis. But the benefits of Cycling goes far beyond the environment.

It has been proven to bring health and other socio-economic benefits to society overall. According to information shared by Cycling UK, academics, who studied the cost-benefit analysis of cycling in Copenhagen to decide whether or not to build new cycling infrastructure, concluded that cars cost society and private individuals six times more than cycling. Also, a recent research by Transport for London revealed that more sustainable travel, such as cycling, could increase retail spending by 30%.

Therefore to entice people to jump on a Voi e-bike, the company is offering new e-bike riders 15 minutes of free riding time for Cycle to Work Day with the discount code CYCLE2WORK, which is valid from Wednesday 3 until Sunday 14 August.

Voi e-bikes are available in Cambridge, Peterborough and Kettering and will soon be available in Liverpool.

Our e-bikes are convenient and easy to use, and since they are assisted by an electric motor, they are perfect for longer commutes. While e-scooters are ideal for journeys up to 1 mile, e-bikes are perfect for longer journeys of 1-3 miles, and they can be easily combined with public transport for even longer commuter journeys.

We keep our e-bikes in perfect condition and ready to use at all times, so all you need to do is open the Voi app – the same one you use to ride on one of our scooters – find an e-bike, follow the safety instructions, grab a helmet and you’re ready to go.

man standing behind a voi e-bike on a street
Voi e-bikes have an electric motor that assists the rider with pedalling up to 15.5 mph, making going uphill or riding the extra mile much easier. You’ll be fine to head straight to your desk or meeting and start your working day promptly. Our bikes also have plenty of space in the basket, so you can easily carry your backpack or your shopping.

As well as its PAYG service, Voi also offers Day and Month Passes that allow users to take an unlimited number of rides at a fixed rate. And there are discounts for students, NHS staff, emergency service workers, military personnel and veterans, and those on a low income –

Our e-bikes are accredited by CoMoUK, which recognises the high standards our bike operations adhere to as well as their place as a valuable component of sustainable transport.

Since the launch of our e-bikes in 2021, more than 745,000 kilometres (or just over 462,000 miles) have been travelled by nearly 17,000 riders – saving around 50,000 unnecessary car journeys in total.

Voi is committed to providing safe, affordable and carbon-neutral transport in cities working in close collaboration with its city partners. And while it’s crucial to celebrate Cycle to Work Day, our goal is to drive even more people to adopt e-scooters and e-bikes to commute and travel every day. Only by doing so, we will be able to transform our cities into greener, healthier and better places to live.

Read more about Voi e-bikes on our website.