Disability Inclusion Charter for Micromobility & Voi joins the Valuable 500

Nov 4, 2022

Voi is proud to lead the industry in the implementation and deployment of micromobility in a responsible way that will support more positive outcomes for all. That is why we have supported the development of the Disability Inclusion Charter for Micromobility. We are also extremely proud to have gained a place in the Valuable 500, a global business collective made up of 500 CEOs and their companies, innovating together for disability inclusion.

The Disability Inclusion Charter for Micromobility

The Disability Inclusion Charter, developed by inclusion solutions consultancy Open Inclusion, sets out commitments to providing an inclusive micromobility service, for both users and non-users. This was developed following the collection of extensive feedback from workshops and surveys with respondents made up of community leaders and individual disability inclusion advocates with a wide range of perspectives, spanning from sight loss, hearing loss, mobility impairments, neuro-diversity, mental health conditions, age related needs and chronic health conditions.

One of the workshop participants and disability advocate Dr Amit Patel says: “The creation of a practical Charter for the micro mobility sector is an enormous step forward towards ensuring high standards and consistency across systems and operations. These are high level principles that any manufacturer, operator or city could use to support the roll out of micromobility vehicles/e-scooters and in turn will help to ensure that users and citizens have clear expectations of their own and the providers responsibilities – ensuring a better end experience for all road users.

Micro mobility is the future of green travel and my hope is that this Charter will be adopted widely and by the broadest range of stakeholders. I am delighted to have supported Voi through the development of this Charter and to see them leading the way in sustainable micro mobility.”

At Voi, we wholeheartedly commit to consider and work to address the needs of all people in the local community, regardless of ability or disability, age, and other access needs. We will continue to proactively work with local communities, councils, special interest groups and others to make sure that micromobility is disability-inclusive whilst working to reduce pollution and congestion. This will ensure a more positive and equitable impact is created across the community. This Charter sets out in detail how we go about this.

Christine Hemphill of Open Inclusion says: “It has been great to work with individuals and leaders from the disability community across different cities in England, Scotland and Ireland to understand a range of perspectives relating to micro mobility such as e-scooter design and usage in urban environments. Working on this charter for Voi Technologies we brought together the key themes that emerged from a range of engagements including pan-disability and intergenerational round tables, a survey and interviews. The charter outlines these in a series of practical approaches that any manufacturer, operator or city can adopt to improve the socially as well as environmentally sustainable micro mobility design and usage.

We look forward to seeing this work support product, service and policy solutions that are more usable and delightful for a wider rider base, as well as supportive of the needs of all pedestrians, including those with lived experiences of disability.”

The Disability Inclusion Charter can be found here

Voi joins the Valuable 500

We are thrilled to join the prestigious Valuable 500 community, a collective of business leaders committed to putting disability on their agenda and recognising the value and worth of the 1.3 billion people globally living with a disability. As the only micromobility company within the Valuable 500, we strive to lead the industry in providing mobility solutions for everyone. We will do this by ensuring community engagement every step of the way, to collaborate to develop inclusive product and service design and to innovate to create future cities that are better for everyone. Read our statement from CEO Fredrik Hjelm here.

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