Everyone wins from good parking

Jul 14, 2021

We love the fact that our shared e-scooters are letting people move around cities easier and that we’re reducing our dependency on the car as a result. That’s also why it’s so important that we all park our scooters well. We want to improve mobility and not reduce it.

Proper parking is a question of safety and accessibility. With a good parking infrastructure, scooters are not in anyone’s way and can let pedestrians and other traffic pass through safely and smoothly.

In fact, a study published earlier this year  by the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics showed that dedicated parking spots for shared e-scooters could solve pavement clutter. In a test in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, over 50% of e-scooter riders who ended their trips in the test areas parked in or near the parking solutions. These were both physical parking racks and painted parking spaces. There was a very clear link between a good parking infrastructure and improved parking behaviour.

Earlier this year, we launched parking racks that were developed together with the Norwegian Association for Visually Impaired as well British Royal National Institute of Blind People. We wanted to get help from groups that are more vulnerable to poor parking and they helped us not just design the parking racks but also helped us think about the best places to deploy them.

So, what do we mean when we say good parking? We’ve broken it down into seven main areas.

  1. Not blocking the pavement. Perhaps this is obvious but it’s still top of our list. If a scooter is taking up a lot of space on a pavement, then it’s blocking everyone and everything. Before ending the trip, give a second thought to how others, including those with visual or mobility impairments, may be impacted by the scooter. A good tip is to park your scooter close to obstacles that already exist and make sure there’s at least two metres free for others. If there are any designated parking spaces, then these are even better.

  2. Overpopulated areas. If you are in a city with designated parking spots and there are already a lot of scooters parked in one, then move on down to the next. Less than 10 vehicles in one parking zone is a good rule of thumb. But overall, it’s best to park in a place where there aren’t too many scooters already.

  3. Keep access points free. It’s the same for any vehicle. We need to make sure our vehicles are not blocking the entry or exit to garages, bus stops, stores or underground stations etc.

  4. Keep it neat. If you see three scooters parked nicely in a row, then join that row. We want them upright and pointed in the same direction.

  5. Not blocking traffic. Ask yourself if your parking choice will work for everyone else who wants to get by. Keep roads, bicycle lanes and pedestrian crossings free.

  6. Standing up-right. Your scooter needs to be parked upright. Tipped scooters take up a lot of space, are difficult to pass and are a particular safety problem for more vulnerable groups.

  7. In the zone. There are riding zones in every city. Stay inside them. There are also no-park zones where you simply won’t be able to park. Some cities also have mandatory park zones. These are conveniently located but you are only allowed to park in these zones so plan your journey in advance. In other cities, you’ll see green areas on your Voi app. These are really good parking spots and we’ll even give you credits for your next ride if you park there.

Every city has its own set of transport challenges and opportunities and we adapt our service to meet the city’s needs. We are installing parking racks where we can and we incentivise good parking behaviour, for instance we have started to roll out a feature where riders have to take a Parking Photo. Users who park the e-scooters improperly will receive an email containing a warning and educational information or in worst cases even a fine.

When you park your scooter well, you’re contributing to better mobility and a better city. You’re also reducing car dependency. In the end, we want to make the vision of the 15-minute city a reality. This is a place where people can access most of their needs within 15 minutes without having to use a car.

Enjoy the ride and park smart!

To find out more visit: www.voi.com/how-to-park

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