Voi and Vembla offer free home deliveries for risk groups

Apr 15, 2020

Voi collaborates with on-demand service Vembla to help senior citizens and risk groups get free e-scooter deliveries of groceries and pharmaceuticals during the Covid-19 crisis. Voi provides Vembla’s delivery staff with free access to its e-scooters, available across Stockholm City, to ensure Vembla can help even more people in need.

During the Covid-19 crisis Vembla set up a free phone line and e-mail address where senior citizens and other risk groups can get in touch to qualify for free home deliveries. Response to date has been overwhelmingly positive.

We have already made hundreds of home deliveries to senior citizens and can see that this has a big impact. Vembla uses it’s on electric vehicles for larger orders and deliveries that require refrigeration, but for smaller deliveries of groceries and pharmaceutical products in the city centre e-scooters are excellent. With Voi’s e-scooters at hand we can make even more deliveries and help more people stay at home during the crisis” says Dino Todorovic, Co-founder of Vembla.

This is a fantastic initiative that we at Voi are happy to support. With access to safe and convenient transport in the city center Vembla’s delivery staff will be able to help even more people so that those who are most vulnerable are incentivized to stay at home” says Kristina Hunter Nilsson, VP Communications at Voi Technology.

Are you a senior citizen or part of a risk group and interested in obtaining free deliveries of groceries and pharmaceuticals in Stockholm? Get in touch via phone or email.

Phone: 010-75 00 800

E-mail: [email protected]

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