Hallo Leipzig! Voi launches e-scooter service integrated with public transport operator LVB

Nov 11, 2021

We’re very happy to announce our launch in another German city today – Leipzig. This launch is a special one, as our scooters will be heavily integrated with the local public transport operator, Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB). Voi e-scooters are now available at mobility hubs connected to the city’s public transport network and will be bookable through Leipzig’s mobility app LeipzigMOVE in the near future.

Leipzig has Germany’s most unique set-up when it comes to shared mobility schemes: only two micromobility operators are allowed to host fleets in the city and the scooters can only be rented and parked at the mobility hubs. This new model allows the City of Leipzig and LVB to individualise and diversify inner-city mobility. They not only want to boost public transport and e-scooter connectivity but also ensure a clutter-free urban environment.

Integration into LeipzigMOVE mobility platform

In order to find the right partner for this project, LVB issued a tender in spring 2021, and we are proud to have won one of the two licences. The local mobility service LVB organised the planning and locations for the first batch of mobility stations and, in 2022, they will drive the integration into the mobility platform LeipzigMOVE. Consequently, LVB customers will not only be able to book trains, buses, taxis, bike and car-sharing via the app, but also e-scooters. The main aim is to strengthen the environmental network as a whole in order to bring customers to their personal destinations even more in line with their needs.

Developing joint mobility hubs

In the coming weeks and months, more mobility hubs will be added to the network and, therefore, bring Voi’s service closer to the people. It’s important to note that we are also in a position to drive forward the development of mobility hubs, by acquiring permits for the usage of common ground. We are already being very proactive in this regard, connecting with local businesses and private individuals to drive forward the development of safe and accessible parking facilities. This innovative concept is also a first in Germany, and even all of Europe. We are excited to see where this new road will take us.

If you’re a company in Leipzig that wants to connect with Voi, do feel free to get in touch – and we can set up a hub right on your doorstep if you so wish!

Stephan Boelte, Regional General Manager DACH & East says: “We are very pleased to support the innovative expansion of public transport services in Leipzig with Voi’s e-scooters. Together with LVB, we want to make a strong and coordinated contribution to the transport revolution and enable people to enjoy climate-friendly mobility. The Leipzig model, in which mobility hubs provide close links to public transport, is the first of its kind in Germany and has the potential to set new industry standards. That is why we are particularly proud to be able to launch our scooters in Leipzig today.”

Globally, Voi collaborates with 40+ Public Transit Operators and MaaS Partners to advise and complement local mobility networks and enhance the accessibility of its service.

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