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Hello Gentofte! Voi deploys e-scooters and parking rack at Hellerup Station to increase the combined use of public transport and shared micromobility

five red e-scooters parked in a parking rack outside Hellerup station in Gentofte

“We’re off to never-never land”! Today, Voi is launching its service in Gentofte, the municipality where one of Denmark’s most famous “exports”, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, was born. Gentofte is perfectly situated between Copenhagen, Öresund and Dyrehaven, and known for its rich history, country-side tranquility and clean air.

In a new collaboration between the municipality and Voi, Europe’s leading e-scooter operator, Gentofte residents will be able to rent shared e-scooters in selected areas when they are looking for a smooth, comfortable and climate friendly way to get around town. As part of the collaboration, Voi is also deploying a parking rack at Hellerup Station where e-scooters will be available.

We are very proud of our new collaboration with the municipality, and look forward to bringing a new, climate friendly form of transportation to the people of Gentofte. By placing our e-scooters at Hellerup Station, we’re also providing a last-mile-solution for public transport commuters who wish to leave their car at home” said Julie Blom Hansen, Voi’s Senior Operations Manager Denmark.

The municipality of Gentofte has been in dialogue with several e-scooter operators, but this is the first time e-scooters are being deployed in the area.

“We are very happy to be able to offer our citizens access to electric scooters at Hellerup Station. In our support of the green transition, it’s crucial that we test new, climate friendly transport modes. At the same time, we are making Hellerup an efficient hub for green mobility” said Karen Riis Kjølbye, Supervisor of the Technology and Environment Committee.

Initially, 35 e-scooters will be deployed in Gentofte as part of the trial. Voi hopes to further expand the collaboration and in the future offer more e-scooters across a larger geographic area, so more residents can enjoy the benefits of shared micromobility.

Focus on sustainability and safety

As the leading e-scooter operator in Europe, Voi focuses heavily on advancing parking solutions, sustainable transport and traffic safety. The e-scooters deployed in Gentofte are of Voi’s latest generation – Voiager 4 – to date the safest and most climate friendly e-scooter model on the market with recyclable materials and a life span of 5+ years.

We are committed to showing the people of Gentofte how our e-scooters can be integrated into the city’s mobility mix in a positive and green way, and will focus many of our efforts on making sure our e-scooters are parked responsibly and in a way where they do not block street access” said Julie Blom Hansen.

With its advanced GPS-technology, the Voi team will be alerted if an e-scooter has been parked incorrectly or fallen to the ground. A local parking patrol will work dedicated to making sure all e-scooters are parked in a responsible manner. Furthermore, the Voiager 4 model is equipped with a double kickstand to prevent the e-scooters from falling over.

To further ensure responsible parking, e-scooter users in Gentofte will be required to take a mandatory Parking Photo of their vehicle in the Voi app. Photos that showcase incorrectly parked e-scooters will be followed up with a warning. After a third warning, users will be fined.