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How Voi keeps supporting those who can’t afford to stop moving

How Voi keeps supporting those who can’t afford to stop moving

“We have always moved people. We have always moved forward. Now, in this unique time in history, when most people are trapped inside; We need to move those who can’t afford to stop.”

When we look back at 2020, we want to remember a year when people came together to help each other out. When volunteers signed up to help critical crisis workers and risk groups in need, when companies set competition aside and focused on supporting their communities, when crisis sparked innovation and new ideas emerged simply because we had no other choice but to keep moving.

We immediately realized that in a time of social distancing, there is actually much we as a mobility provider can do to help. While restrictions forced us to make the tough decision to pause operations in several cities across Europe – we found ways of supporting our communities anyway.

Supporting healthcare staff

Speaking of those who can’t afford to stop – the heroes and heroines that carry the highest burden in the midst of this pandemic. Finding ways to support och collaborate with medical staff became one of the key things we wanted to focus on.

In open cities, we started increasing the placement of our scooters in the proximity of hospitals across the Nordics, to provide a safe alternative to travel to and from work. We donated free Voi rides to hospitals across the Nordics, and offered our scooters to Ally’s mobile doctors doing house calls. Doctors at Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) were offered to lend their private scooters to get safely to work.

We thank the brave women and men who work tirelessly to save lives and prevent the spread of the Corona virus. If you work in health care and need our support, or have an idea of how Voi can help, please contact us at [email protected].

Supporting those who can’t afford to leave their homes

With more people working from home, and elders and risk groups advised to stay inside, local volunteer initiatives have emerged across the world. Two students at Stockholm School of Economics quickly formed Trygga Händer (Eng: Safe Hands) where youths sign up to help risk groups with simple tasks such as grocery shopping. Norwegian company Luado used their practical home services platform to facilitate a similar initiative called “Vennehjelpen” (Eng: The Friendly Help), where volunteers help with everything from shopping to walking the dog. Voi supports these initiatives by offering the organizations’ volunteers free Voi rides while performing their helpful tasks.

Voi also collaborates with on-demand service Vembla to help senior citizens and risk groups in Stockholm get free e-scooter deliveries of groceries and pharmaceuticals during the crisis. Get in touch with Vembla via phone or email if you are in need of assistance, at 010-75 00 800
or [email protected].

The increased demand for home deliveries

Stores and restaurants find themselves with a dramatic drop in customers, and struggling with meeting the increased demand for home deliveries of food and products. Stockholm-based Broms and Oslo-based Munchies were quick to act and started delivering food to their customers on Voi scooters.

Together with Gigstr we launched our own service called Voi it!. Stores, restaurants and pharmacies who are unable to use their own staff for deliveries sign up for a package deal – Gigstr provides the personnel, Voi provides the personnel with safe Voi rides between deliveries. To date numerous Swedish companies have signed up, including restaurant group Svenska Brasserier and the biggest Nordic online food delivery brand Wolt.

Moving forward, we are pleased to be opening up operations in several Voi cities again, slowly but surely, and continue having a positive impact in our communities. If you have any ideas on how we can support your city and its citizens – Let us know at [email protected]!

Stay safe!