Voi increases focus on profitability – actions and organisational changes

Jun 21, 2022

Voi is committed to continue building a safe, sustainable and reliable micromobility service to help our current and new customers to get around town.

In light of recent market conditions, we are increasing our focus on profitability and aim to reduce the overall HQ cost base by 25%. Voi is confident that together with its strong financial position, these actions will increase its competitive strength that it will benefit from over the coming years. The company does not anticipate any new capital raises in the foreseeable future.

Around 75% of these savings will be driven by cutting third party supplier costs, however, it will also mean reducing a number of roles including open vacancies, consultant positions, and some filled by existing employees. We are looking at reducing around 35 roles at HQ (10% of central roles).

Each and every Voiager has contributed to making Voi one of the leading micromobility operators in Europe. Voi is the sum of its employees and we are committed to helping them grow – even after they have left us. This is why we have put in place our ‘Always a Voiager’ programme that actively connects and recommends former employees with other companies who are hiring. Are you an employer who is interested in getting in touch with a Voiager? Reach out to [email protected].

Our overall vision and business strategy remains the same: creating cities made for living, providing a new form of public transport that is sustainable and flexible, working in partnership with established modes of transport. Throughout, we will continue to make sure we meet our customers’ needs and provide a real alternative to private cars in 95+ towns and cities across Europe.

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