Voi partners with Female Engineer Network and participates in Ingenjörsdagen 2022

Apr 21, 2022

Voi operates at the intersection between tech and transport; two industries with documented systemic gender biases. Working in this space means that we not only have a responsibility but a huge opportunity to ensure our service and workplace advances gender equity, freedom of movement, and inclusion for people of all gender identities.

On our journey towards advancing gender equity in our industry, we have made several commitments. This includes establishing partnerships with gender equity forums and organisations that are committed to getting more women interested in the tech sector. That is why we are proud to have partnered up with Swedish Female Engineer Network (FEN).


Engineers shape our future. Technology can be used to fight climate change, improve quality of life and bring people closer to each other. In short, making the world a better place.


FEN: getting more women interested in tech

FEN was founded in 2015 when it hosted its first event for female engineers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today, it functions as a member organisation for engineers who identify as female and looks to strengthen women in tech in Sweden and advance a more equitable job market. As of 2019, FEN is part of Linti Group.

Helena Torhage, Head of Communications at Linti Group, said: “The fact that a too low number of women are becoming engineers is a problem for the entire development of our society. Many of the challenges we face require engineering skills and if half of the population is not fully represented, there is a risk that development will go awry. At FEN we strive to get more young women interested in applying for technical university programs, but also guide them towards attractive employers and create a network that supports them throughout their careers.”

Through FEN, Linti Group hosts networking events and seminars, lobbies to get gender equity higher on the agenda in tech corporations. Linti also celebrates the sharpest minds of their industry with the annual award Stora Ingenjörspriset (read: The Big Engineering Award).

In 2022, Linti is hosting Ingenjörsdagen (read: Engineering Day) in four Swedish cities where engineers, employers, and students gather to network, take master classes, and listen in on keynotes and panels with representatives from Swedish companies. Everything with engineering at the core of the discussion.

Torhage said: “Ingenjörsdagen is really all about celebrating Sweden’s engineers and inspire future engineering, but it’s also meant to be a platform where students and professionals can engage with engineering companies to exchange ideas and experiences, and possibly be a stepping stone into a future career.”

Image: Caroline Hjelm, Head of Marketing at Voi

Voi at Ingenjörsdagen 2022

The first event takes place on 18 May in Stockholm, where Voi will be hosting master classes with representatives from software, hardware, public affairs and more. See the full agenda and sign up here. (Psst! The first 2000 signups will get an offer of 50% discount on a Day Pass from Voi)

Voi is also proud to be represented in this year’s edition of Stora Ingenjörspriset where Caroline Hjelm, Head of Marketing, will sit in the jury for the student category. During Ingenjörsdagen, engineering students will be able to pitch projects or business ideas to a jury of some of Sweden’s most attractive employers, authorities, and entrepreneurs. Do you have an idea you want to pitch? Sign up before 30 April!

Caroline said: “Engineers shape our future, it is the sector that is spearheading technical progress in design, software, hardware and algorithms that deal with big societal issues. I believe technology can be used to fight climate change, improve quality of life and bring people closer to each other. In short, making the world a better place.”

“I hope to see many new perspectives and ideas from the competitors. In particular from female students, who are still underrepresented at tech educations. We need more female role models in the industry and I hope to meet several future stars at Ingenjörsdagen.”
The winners in all categories of Stora Ingenjörspriset will be announced at a gala finale in Stockholm, 16 November 2022.

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