Ride safe for a better city – Let’s get it right

May 9, 2022

This week, we’re proud to announce the launch of our second international safety campaign, Let’s get it right, where, over the next 6 weeks, we’ll be educating riders on how to use shared e-scooters responsibly – with over 100 live training sessions, digital learning tools, and more!

Doubling down on unsafe road behavior

Shared micromobility services have become an immensely popular mode of transport in towns and cities across Europe and the UK since Voi first launched in 2018. In March 2022, Voi announced that its riders had taken more than one hundred million rides. Yet, as with any new disruptive technology, shared micromobility has also faced challenges.

Research shows that younger generations, particularly people in their 20s living in urban areas, tend to have lower rates of driving license possession than previous generations at the same age, indicating a potential lack of knowledge of traffic rules. This younger generation are also frequent users of shared micromobility services, making them an integral part in shaping the transformation of city transport to a shared mobility future.

Voi has consistently been a pioneer in the industry when it comes to utilising new technologies to educate responsible and safe road behaviour. In 2019, Voi launched RideLikeVoila – the world’s first digital traffic school for e-scooters – which has educated more than 600,000 riders so far. As of April 2022, Voi is also deploying Drover AI computer vision on its vehicles to tackle pavement riding and fix parking across Europe.

“Let’s get it right” is Voi’s second international safety campaign. It aims to raise awareness about behaviors that put riders, pedestrians and other road users in danger, including: riding through red lights, intoxicated riding, pavement riding, twin riding and bad parking. From in-app messages to videos and stills, the campaign will encourage riders to ensure they are acting safely when using an e-scooter.

Caroline Hjelm, Head of Marketing at Voi, said: “We are on a mission to transform the way people move around cities. Part of that mission is a multinational strategy to eliminate traffic injuries and fatalities, while supporting equitable, green mobility for all. The vast majority of our riders already conduct themselves well in traffic and follow the rules of the road. But one accident is one too many. On top of investing in rider education and innovative tech features we need to raise awareness of how important it is for users to ride safely.”

Christopher Weider, Art Director at Super Tuesday, said: It’s exciting to work with a brand that changes the way we live our lives. But with change comes challenges. With this campaign we address them. Important and brave.”

For more information, visit voi.com/lets-get-it-right

Safety training events throughout peak season

Many first time riders feel more comfortable testing an e-scooter in a quiet area, or after having been introduced to the vehicle and its functions. Voi has committed to hosting more than 100 safety training events across Europe and the UK in 2022 to help facilitate safe testing for new riders and ensure regular riders are aware of traffic rules.

Through this campaign, we hope to also reach new riders and nudge them into testing our shared micromobility service. We want to help towns and cities reach their sustainability targets by reducing car dependency, which can only be done if more people utilise shared electric mobility options,” added Hjelm.

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