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Germany & Switzerland: Living City Reports and Symposium

Germany & Switzerland: Living City Reports and Symposium

In order to drive synergies between towns and cities, and provide an overview on the development of e-scooters in the DACH region, we are proud to announce that we have released our first Living City Report. The report will be released individually for each city in the German speaking region and recaps ride data, demographics and business development, as well as trends and insights in the shared micromobility sector – with a focus on 2021. 

The findings in this report were presented at our Living City Symposium, on 7 and 8 April, to city representatives, partners and stakeholders, allowing us to share internal data gathered from the beginning of our operations in Germany and Switzerland in 2019.

Guest speakers included Katja Diehl, author and expert for sustainable mobility and transformation who spoke on the subject of the 15-minute city, as well as Dr. Michael Zyskowski, functional senior physician at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Trauma Surgery Klinikum rechts der Isar, with whom Voi collaborates on Vision Zero research.

Voi in Germany – increasing adoption

It has been close to three years since our scooters were certified for shared mobility usage in Germany, where we were the first operator to do so, while also launching in Switzerland at the same time. Since then we have expanded into 22 German speaking cities, including all major metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Zurich.

Over the years and despite the pandemic and colder weather, an increasing number of people have started to adopt this new way of transport into their daily lives, leading to a sixfold increase in usage throughout 2021.

Against this backdrop, in order to guarantee responsible and organic growth while maximising synergies with other public transport organisations, we know how important it is to be working in tandem with the cities we operate in. Only by joining hands can we succeed in shaping the mobility landscape of the future and solve important questions surrounding rider safety and responsible parking.

At the Symposium Katja Diehl added to this mission by saying: “It is imperative to distribute the privileges of the car in terms of space and subsidies among all road users.”

Find out more about Katja here.

At city administration levels, however, many questions on rider demographics and usage patterns still remain open. We at Voi believe that data transparency and close communication with city stakeholders are integral to answering these questions. 

About the Living City Symposium

At the Living City Symposium, Voi summarised data that we have on business development, rider behaviour and trip patterns, compiled into these comprehensive reports for all individual cities in both Switzerland and Germany that the company operates in.

These Living City Reports provide stakeholders with insights into e-scooter usage over a specific period of time, using metrics such as the average ride distance, ride distribution across the week and throughout the day as well as an average of replaced car trips.

Furthermore, the reports provide city partners with guidance on insights and issues that we have experienced in DACH during 2021. These include high synergies through intermodality, which can be developed to support commuter usage, as well as action plans to reduce cluttering and improve rider behaviour through technical measures such as the Parking Photo, our digital riding school,RideLikeVoila, geofencing and parking infrastructure.


Dr. Michael Zyskowski said: “With the support of Voi, we want to establish clear methods of data collection in order to better understand, predict and prevent micromobility accidents and make a contribution to the Vision Zero.”

Read more on our joint cooperation here.