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Long Term Rental scheme comes to Oxford

Scooter steering column with Long Term Rentals by Voi printed on it in red

One of our Voi values is that ‘we build with empathy’ and, in order to this, we create hyper-local services that work well for people who live in the towns and cities where we operate. The latest development with this is extending our e-scooter offer in the UK city of Oxford, to include a Long Term Rental (LTR) scheme for individuals wanting to lease their own, and keep it at home.

Our LTR scooters are now available and, although they are new to the historic city of Oxford, they have already been proving to be extremely popular in the West of England.

Sign up for a Voi Long Term Rental scooter

In Oxford, Long Term Rental Voiagers can sign up to have their own e-scooter for a set period of time on a rolling monthly basis, following an initial minimum two month lease. To be eligible to rent a Voi Long Term Rental scooter riders need to be over 18 years old, have at least a provisional driving licence and reside within the operating area as our Pay As You Go service.

Riders in Oxford can register their interest on our website and, once applications are processed, we will arrange delivery of the vehicle, along with a lock, helmet and a 3-pin battery charger. All LTR riders will receive training on how to maintain and charge their LTR e-scooter at home.

Long Term Rentals are to cater for our riders who choose to Voi regularly and also want to guarantee that, during peak periods, they can just Voiage at will. LTR Voiagers have access to all the same Riding Zones as shared service riders, but they don’t have to park in Oxford’s Mandatory Parking Zones, giving them added flexibility of usage. As with all our riders, however, we always educate and encourage them to park safely and responsibly.

Black steering column on Long Term Rental from Voi

Flexible and cost effective

Voi’s Oxford LTR scheme costs £65 per month, a sustainable way for people to build on the modal shift that we are already seeing in Oxford. Our latest rider survey shows that 32% of our riders in Oxford would otherwise have used a car to make their journey, and we expect this barometer to shift towards alleviating climate pressure even more in future, as Oxford Council embraces Voi ridership in this way.

Long Term Rental scooter models

LTR riders are provided with the same V3X e-scooter model used in Oxford by our shared e-scooter fans. The only difference is that LTR models have a black steering column instead of Voi’s coral coloured one. Both types of e-scooter have swappable batteries, and the scooter can be used for up to 60-100 miles on a full charge, with a charging time of around three hours.

Many of our riders also use Voi to complement and make public transport systems more accessible. Our operating area has grown quickly in Oxford. Just seven months after launching in January 2021, our service was expanded into the city’s historic city centre, meaning not only that riders can now navigate from all of Oxford’s compass points, but also connect with Oxford Parkway – the city’s main train station. This is in line with our vision to connect e-scooters with public transport.

Own your own but still ‘ride together’

At Voi, our number one priority is safety, which means that we will also encourage and reward our LTR riders to make the most of our safe riding skills events and webinars, led by our new partners TTC Group, or undergo the training in our RideLikeVoila digital school. This is also in line with our Voi values, to ‘ride together’. Even though some may ride on their own, they are still welcome to join our sharing community, where we exchange expertise and knowledge about how we are trying to create better cities for living for everyone.

Interested in joining the Voi revolution? Click the Voi Long Term Rentals link to register your interest. The scheme’s terms and conditions are available to read here.