New V5 e-scooter model launched in UK

Jun 9, 2022

Having launched our exceptional new model, Voyager 5 (V5) in April 2022 in our home city of Stockholm, we are welcoming it into the UK. The V5 is now going to be rolling through the historic hills of Bristol and Bath, and rock ‘n rolling in one of England’s greatest musical cities, Liverpool. All music to our ears.

With a design focus on safety, circularity and inclusion, other towns and cities will be seeing this glimmering new Voi vehicle in the very near future.

Why Liverpool, Bath and Bristol? Because between them, they have some of our most extensive operating areas in the UK. In these three iconic cities, Voi riders have catapulted micromobility from niche to norm, having taken over 7.5 million rides since we launched there in October 2020, and replaced nearly three million short car journeys.

It’s all going circular

What’s also become the norm for us at Voi is that we are constantly evolving in order to meet our safety and sustainability targets. This new V5 model, designed in-house, takes leaps ahead in terms of having a fully circular and low carbon design by 2025 and to be climate positive by 2030. V5 is a big step towards completing the circle, boasting components that are easier to repair and reuse, and using more than double the amount of recycled materials compared with Voi’s previous V4 model.

The V5 also uses 30% recycled materials, more than double the previous rate thanks to close collaboration with its suppliers and manufacturers along the supply chain. In addition, nearly 90% of components have been redesigned to improve durability and repairability.

What’s the deal with the big wheel?

One of the most visible differences in the V5 to regular riders is a significantly larger front wheel. The tyres also have increased tyre depth, both of which enhance stability and shock absorption, which is vital with some UK streets still being pothole central – not helped by the ongoing proliferation of cars and heavy vehicles, although we are proud to be doing our bit to facilitate a much needed modal shift.

Our V5’s reinforced brake cables are even more durable and sturdy than before, but we aren’t putting the brakes on any of our inclusive and accessible design insights. With this model, we have engineered a more ergonomic handlebar where the brakes, indicator switch and bell are accessible to people of all hand sizes. An updated dashboard design has a centrally-located integrated phone holder, which enables safer navigation, and our auto-cancelling indicators prevent riders from having to lower their gaze to use them.

When the DfT is happy, so are we

The prevention of poor parking is always central to our safety and accessibility policies at Voi and, to support our very successful Report a Voi system, the V5 has a QR code that is easy to spot, snap and send to us so that we can act on a wrongly parked scooter or or if someone is riding it irresponsibly. Voi’s V5 rigorous testing rounds assure the quality and reliability of the scooter meaning that it has, crucially, been approved by the Department for Transport (DfT) for use in the UK.

High fives all round

Producing a new model like this is the result of collaboration across the board, from warehouse staff to engineering experts, sustainability gurus to mechanical geniuses. And so we give them a V5 high-five to all of them.

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