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Our VOItribution

Our VOItribution

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. That is why we at Voi have spent the past weeks doing ‘business unusual’, not only shifting to our home offices, but also finding new and innovative ways to help people in cities where we are still operating for as long as the situation allows.

Supporting the corner-stones of society that still need to go to work

Over the past weeks, hospital workers, school personnel, crisis volunteers and countless others in crucial societal functions have been working tirelessly to ensure that we stay healthy and safe. Now more than ever, we want to support these heroes and heroines that keep our society functioning.

We have increased the number of Voi scooters around commuter hubs and hospitals, providing citizens that still need to go to work with a safe means of transportation. In an initiative to further encourage our users to wear gloves when riding Voi, we placed out plastic-wrapped gloves on scooters around these spots in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

We have also supported hospital staff all over the Nordics with free Voi rides, and are now announcing a site where citizens working in crucial societal functions such as supermarkets, IT, energy, pharmacies etc can buy Voi credits to a discounted price. We call this initiative our Voitribution.

To access the discount, visit and use the password: Voitribution.

If you would like Voi to support you or know of an organization that needs help, please let us know.