Ain’t no sunshine: Top tips for riding Voi e-scooters in the dark

Nov 16, 2020

As winter approaches, daylight wanes and darkness descends. (We can hear the groans as you read that, but at least we can try to keep our moods on the sunny side!) There’s no reason to stop scooting once the sun sets, but with the days getting shorter, it’s important to think about how to ride safely in the dark. Here are our top 5 tips.

    1. Be extra aware of your surroundings: it’s more difficult to see what’s directly in front of, to the side, and behind you when it’s dark. Stay focused while you ride and avoid wearing headphones or accessories that limit sensory awareness. Keep an eye out for obstacles or hazards, such as debris or slippery surfaces on the roadway. Be sure to leave extra space between you and other e-scooter riders or cyclists, in case you need to swerve or make a quick stop.

    2. Plan your route ahead of time: it’s much easier to keep your eyes on the road when you’re not fiddling with a mapping app. Save exploring new routes for the daylight hours; at night, it’s best to choose roads that you know well, are well-lit, and have smooth, uniform surfaces (potholes and cobblestones are more difficult to spot in the dark).

    3. Light the way: good lighting is essential for seeing the path ahead of youand staying visible in the dark. Voi e-scooters have built-in front and rear lights that switch on automatically. If you plan on riding in the dark regularly, consider investing in a headlamp (available at cycling shops). Small and convenient, you can tuck it into your handbag or backpack when not in use.

    4. Wear reflective clothing: when night riding, you’ll want to ensure that motorists, cyclists, and other road users can see you. Reflective clothing catches the light and helps you be more visible. There are some snazzy options in the Voi online shop.

    5. Use the bell: all Voi e-scooters are equipped with a bell. If you’re unsure if someone can see you, or if you need to alert someone that you’re approaching, ring the bell to make yourself known.

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