Voi adds three new payment methods for hassle-free e-scooter trips

Oct 26, 2021

Voi users can now book rides with the new digital payment methods Apple Pay, Google Pay and Klarna. These partnerships make it easier for Voi users to pick up an e-scooter, without the need to hassle with filling in bank card details.

Until now, Voi users have had to store means of payment in the app for billing, such as credit card details or Pay-Pal. While these options are still available, Voi has added a wider selection of payment options in the registration process. Existing users are also able to switch or add payment methods in their app settings by clicking the hamburger menu in the bottom left corner, and choosing ‘Wallet’.

We want our service to be easy to access for anyone, no matter what payment method they prefer. By making the payment onboarding smoother, we can also free up time for users to diligently go through the introductory safety and parking guidelines in our app”, says Carro Hjelm, Head of Marketing of Voi Technology.

The Voi app is full of educational content which aims to teach users how to ride Voi safely. Head to the Safety toolkit to try our online traffic school RideLikeVoila, or read more about where you are allowed to ride and park.

Apple Pay and Google Pay will be available across all Voi markets, while Swedish and German users will also be offered a smooth ride with Klarna.

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