Voi and Closca team up to offer Voi’s Monthly Pass users a safe and stylish folding helmet

Apr 9, 2021

At Voi, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our users’ safety, either by introducing new and safer vehicles such as the Voiager 4 or by offering our users a suite of safety features to encourage them to ride or park safely, such as the ‘helmet selfie’ or the ‘beginners mode’.

When it comes to riding Voi’s e-scooters, it’s essential that users are safe, but also comfortable for a more enjoyable.experience. So, why not offer our riders the best of both worlds – safety and comfort? Which is exactly what we are doing in our collaboration with Closca – the iconic folding helmet brand.

We have created a one-of-a-kind range of reflective folding helmets, which will be made available to Voi’s Monthly Pass users across the UK, giving them a safe and fashionable folding helmet they can carry around effortlessly.

Our Monthly Pass users will be able to claim their free Voi/Closca helmet online on the Voi website when they sign-up for our Monthly Pass. The helmets, priced at £67.39 on the Closca website, will be given out to Voi users free of charge and delivered to their homes (postage not included). When users purchase a Monthly Pass, we will automatically send them an email with details on how to claim their freebie and funky headgear.

The Closca Loop folding helmet is not just a piece of urban mobility design – it has an innovative ventilation system that allows air to circulate. Its concealed orifice system protects users against rain, and the rear adjustment system allows it to adapt to the head just by pulling the rubbers, protecting the nape of the neck.

Whilst it is not mandatory for e-scooter riders to wear a helmet in the UK, Voi wants to encourage our users to wear one when riding on a Voi e-scooter.

Richard Corbett, VP Market Development at Voi Technology, said: “Safety remains our top priority for e-scooter usage. While we continuously educate our users through our RideLikeVoila e-scooter school, our online webinars, or our AA-Drive Tech e-module, we are aware that accessibility, availability, and convenience remain the main barriers to helmet usage. By partnering with Closca, we give Voi’s Monthly Pass users easy access to a safe, lightweight folding helmet they can easily carry around. I’m sure riders will enjoy wearing this beautiful piece of safety gear!”

Carlos Ferrando, CEO of Closca, claimed: “We do what we do best: putting good design at the service of awareness. We create products, like the Helmet Loop Reflective, designed to inspire change. More and more people are feeling truly responsible. And by partnering with Voi, we promote sustainable and safe mobility by growing this community of change to achieve #CitiesWithSoul.”

At Voi, we are always investing in the safety of our riders, either by offering them the safest vehicles or by giving them easy access to education tools such as the RideLikeVoila school. We also partner with organisations such as Drive Tech to launch innovative training programmes or with inspiring brands such as Closca to give our users a piece of safety gear they will enjoy wearing.

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