Voi bringing hi-tech e-scooters to London

Jul 5, 2023

We’re looking forward to bringing our state-of-the-art scooters to London after being selected by Transport for London to take part in the capital’s e-scooter trial.

When running the scheme in London, we’ll be building on our experience of operating in 18 towns and cities in the UK, as well as operating shared e-scooter services in 11 countries across Europe.

Jack Samler, general manager Voi UK, France and Ireland: “We are very excited to have been selected to operate our e-scooters in London. As the operator with the largest fleet of e-scooters across the UK, and with services in 11 countries across Europe – soon to be 12 – we’re looking forward to continuing our growth by launching in the capital.”

We’ll be using our top-of-the-range hi-tech Voiager 5 (V5) scooters in London starting this autumn, with features including tip over detection and pavement riding technology. The front wheel of the scooters is bigger with a shock absorption system and deep tyre tread for increased safety and a smoother ride on bumpy road surfaces. 

Following feedback from riders, the handlebars and dashboard were designed so they are easier to use for people with smaller hands – typically women – with the throttle, brakes and bell being easier to reach. A central integrated phone holder and indicators which switch off automatically after turning, so riders don’t have to lower their gaze to deactivate them, are also part of the updated dashboard.

GPS geo-fencing enables Voi to limit speeds in certain areas for the safety of both riders and other road/path users. We’ll work with TfL and London boroughs to ensure parking spots work for everyone using London’s streets and once again geo-fencing will set out where riders can or can’t park at the end of their rides.

The V5 is our most sustainable scooter, made from 30% recycled materials with many of the scooters’ components reusable or recyclable. Each scooter has been designed to last five years.

“Transport is the biggest source of CO2 emissions in the UK – but our e-scooters are net zero, so they’re not only safe, easy-to-use and affordable, they’re helping combat climate change too”, says Jack Samler.

In the run-up to our e-scooters becoming available in London, people can easily set up a Voi account by downloading the app and following the instructions. They can also find out how to ride our e-scooters by taking part in one of our free monthly e-scooter safety webinars – find more details here.

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