Voi celebrates 10 million rides in the UK

Mar 17, 2022

We are elated about e-scooters at the best of times but, as our UK Voi-ometer veers past its 10 millionth ride, our Voi joy has switched to jubilant mode. It’s a mega milestone and one that must be marked with both celebrations and congratulations.

Our journey began in Northampton in September 2020 and, 18 months later, we have won tenders as well as hearts and minds, in 17 towns and cities across England. During that time we have sought to achieve one important vision, to create better cities for living by providing safe, sustainable and pretty savvy transport too.

It’s been quite a Voiage and, even more exciting, we know that it has just begun. Although shared e-scooters are still on trial in the UK, they have proven so popular that each of our UK licences is on track to be renewed until the end of November 2022, allowing people to continue to enjoy this sustainable transport mode.

These decisions are not simply a supply and demand issue but also, as we know from our close collaboration with councils and local authorities, a positive response to our contributing to the overriding vision that we must all have – Vision Zero.

Since we launched in the UK in September 2020, our star Voiagers have been knocking those emissions into submission. They have:

  • replaced over 3.9 million car trips

  • helped make commuting non-polluting

  • saved over 2,000 tonnes of CO2

We have many people to share celebrations with and congratulate on this auspicious day. Indeed, at Voi we are all about people, and yet there are just too many individuals to name in the array of local councils and authorities, police forces, charity groups, equity advisors, academics, media organisations and suppliers with whom we work with on a regular if not daily basis.

Then of course there are our riders, who are quite simply outdoing themselves in terms of being Voi ambassadors. Our recent series of Voi-ces testimonials say it all, such as this top one from Bristol.

The Voiage continues apace

To put this milestone into perspective, it took us six months to reach our first million rides in the UK and, by late summer of 2021, we were seeing a million rides being taken every month. This is taking into consideration the fact that we have been living through lockdowns and the usual seasonal slow downs. The forecasts are excellent, however, as we continue to see demand for our scooters increase, with over 400% year-on-year growth so far in 2022.

As well as the tremendous take-up of shared e-scooters in all of our towns and cities, a new industry with sustainability, inclusivity and innovation at its core is also demonstrating growing potential for local employment in the UK. At Voi, we have grown rapidly to employ just over 200 people and we are continuing to hire across all its regions.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

One last celebratory shout out to Will, a student in Cambridge, whom we want to award an honorary Voi degree for getting it spot on when he shared the Voi joy exclaiming: “They make you feel so special. It’s a scooter, it’s not that deep, but I love it!

For us at Voi, however, surpassing 10 million rides and giving access to safe, carbon-neutral transport in towns and cities that are congested and polluted is ‘deep’. By working with so many proactive partners, sustainably minded stakeholders and our ever enthusiastic e-scooter riders, we have seen that where there’s a will (and a Will) there’s a way.

Jack Samler, Voi General Manager UK and Ireland, says: Since day one, the UK has proved itself to be one of Europe’s strongest micromobility markets and Voi is thriving as a result. Today’s 10 million rides announcement is a significant milestone for the entire Voi community of riders, our partners and teams right across the UK. Our leading operations, our commitment to safety, our dedication to inclusivity and our determination to make Voi the best service in the UK are all built with our riders and cities in mind. We are humbled that over half a million riders trust us to help them make journeys across the cities in which they live and work. We’re also thrilled that each of our UK licences is on track to be renewed until November 2022, allowing us to continue delivering our mission of providing sustainable transport options for all.”

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