Voi continues in Trondheim – ambitions about making it even more attractive to park the car for good

Feb 17, 2023

Voi has been awarded the right to continue serving Trondheim with shared e-scooters in the 2023 season. Alongside our operator peers Ryde and TIER, Voi is ready to offer an increasingly better alternative to the car in the city.

As the only operator present in all of Norway’s three largest cities last season – Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim – Voi is grateful to be able to continue in Trondheim for another season. With nearly three years of experience operating in Trondheim Voi has built both experience and knowledge that will benefit both riders and the municipality in the season to come.

“We know the city, we know our riders and last but not least we know the possibilities and challenges micromobility faces today. That we are able to continue delivering our shared e-scooter service in the 2023 season is a huge declaration of trust for us, and we will continue to improve accessibility, availability and reduce the number of car trips in Trondheim” says Christina Moe Gjerde, Regional General Manager Nordics & Benelux at Voi.

A shared and data-driven future

As a part of Voi’s service in Trondheim, the municipality gains insight into large amounts of data every month. This provides detailed information such as how supply and demand fluctuate throughout the day. Trondheim was also the first city to enact the flexibility of their regulation to allow the use of shared e-scooters during night time. Moe Gjerde hopes that data to an even greater extent will shape the future of micromobility in Trondheim.

“The Trondheim municipality has been a pioneer when it comes to utilising flexibility in micromobility regulations, but we believe that regulations can be even further driven by data. For example, by opening up for a data-driven vehicle cap we would be able to ensure enough e-scooters are available where they are needed, when they are needed. Today’s static cap prevents us from supplying the demand at any given situation.”

Want to make the residents of Trondheim less car dependent

If Norwegian cities are to reduce their emissions, emissions from the transport sector are of great importance. Voi plans to be an active participant in making sure that Trondheim reaches its climate and traffic goals.

“Trondheim has set ambitious climate targets, with a goal of slashing emissions by 80 % in 2030, compared to 2009 levels. When the Directorate of the Environment estimates that 33 % of emissions in Norway originate from the transport sector it is important for us to be a useful tool for Trondheim on their way to cutting emissions from this sector drastically” Moe Gjerde concludes.

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