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Voi e-scooters offered in Whim’s mobility bundles

Voi e-scooters offered in Whim’s mobility bundles

Voi and Whim enhance their partnership by offering bundled packages in the Finnish cities Helsinki and Turku. The bundling option makes it easier for e-scooter riders to seamlessly switch to other transport modes and supports the demand for public transport with the ease of lockdown. 

The concept of mobility as a service (MaaS) offers an alternative to urban mobility that can help reduce citizens’ dependency on private cars for travelling around in cities. MaaS is understood as a seamless service that provides several different transport modes that users can choose from depending on the current transport needs. 

Whim is one of these platforms which is pioneering MaaS. The Finnish company debuted its service 2016 in Helsinki – a city leading the pack on MaaS adoption – and is now available in other cities in Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and the UK. 

Voi has partnered with Whim since April 2020, offering users a sustainable mobility mode for shorter trips or in combination with other transport modes as a first and last-mile option. To date, the offering has been a pay-as-you-go service, enabling people to book, ride and pay for a trip through the Whim app. 

The partnership between Voi and Whim has now taken further to make multi-modal travelling even more seamless with a new bundling offer. Bundling in the Whim app makes it possible for users to pay a set price for a combination of several different transportation options. For example, users can combine Voi scooters with public transport to address the first/last mile problem or with the archipelago ferries which will be released later this summer

“When first- and last-mile solutions such as Voi’s e-scooters are easily available in the Whim app, it provides a flexible way to connect to public transportation. This increases the attractiveness of public transport compared to car trips,” says Jarkko Jaakkola, Area Manager from Whim. “It’s also a convenient alternative on shorter trips and helps to ease the crowding of trams, buses and metros as cities are opening up post-covid.”

“Our mission is to create a seamless intermodal experience with our MaaS and public transit partners globally.”

The bundles are offered in 30 and 60-minute tickets as well as on a monthly basis. They are available in the Finnish cities Helsinki and Turku today and will be rolled out in more cities in the coming months. 

“Our mission is to create a seamless intermodal experience with our MaaS and public transit partners globally. One pillar of enabling seamless experience lies in the pricing structures that combine multiple modes. We are enlightened to partner with Whim to foster a green recovery,” says Jasmin Rimmele. 

Globally, Voi collaborates with 30+ Public Transit Operators and MaaS Partners to advise and complement local mobility networks and enhance the accessibility of its service.