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Paris 2020: Voi, in the race for micromobility

Paris 2020: Voi, in the race for micromobility

Today, Wednesday, 11 March 2020, we are excited to have responded to the call for tenders issued by the Paris City Hall and look forward to the final decision of the future mandate on the choice of the selected candidates.

Last December, Paris City Hall published its call for tenders to regulate the electric scooter market in the capital. By responding to this call, Voi sees it as a way to redesign the urban landscape of mobility and enable Paris to become an international frontrunner by being the “pilot city” for micro-mobility.

Each of the three selected operators will have to meet three criteria: user safety (30%); vehicle management, maintenance and recharging (30%); environmental responsibility (40%). Voi meets these criteria and was one of the first players to innovate in this area with the introduction of its insurance with AXA, the first traffic school for e-scooters, incentivized and mandatory parking zones, swappable batteries and zero-emission operations. The aim is to meet the demands of optimizing the use of urban space. At the moment, Voi goes even further: 100% of its employees in Paris are on permanent contracts and the Swedish brand will continue with this social model which offers more reactivity and many advantages to operate in an excellent way. It should be noted that Voi will privilege the recruitment of employees from companies that have not been selected.

Through its European DNA, Voi has a perfect understanding of the French market. Since its launch in August 2018 in Stockholm, Voi has always taken a constructive approach with cities by engaging in discussions prior to any launch. As a result of this constant commitment, Voi has won 9 of the 11 largest European tenders to date.