Voi integrates with Ericsson and Arkessa to provide resilient, high-speed, global connectivity for e-scooters

Jan 19, 2021

As Voi continues to grow and launch in more markets, the need for greater cellular network connectivity to operate and manage e-scooter fleets becomes ever more important, in order to avoid outages or capacity problems. Arkessa, powered by the Ericsson IoT Accelerator, will provide global connectivity to Voi’s e-scooter fleets, encouraging and enabling greater micro-mobility in urban areas.

Who is Arkessa?

Arkessa is a leading M2M (machine-to-machine, i.e., a technology enabling network devices to exchange data or perform actions without human assistance) service provider, delivering connectivity services and solutions through multi-network capability spanning the globe. Arkessa delivers cellular IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity-management services and eSIM (electronic SIM card) solutions, enabling easy and secure localisation of globally connected mobility applications.

Arkessa has pioneered this integration of multiple networks and wireless technologies through a single managed service. A single provider and user interface offers greater flexibility, connection reliability, and simplified contracting, because it removes the need to negotiate numerous relationships with network service providers around the world.

Arkessa is powered by the Ericsson IoT Accelerator for connectivity management. It’s also the communication service provider partner to Ericsson. Its global partnership with Ericsson enables the operator to offer powerful automation features on the Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform, including market-leading IoT security and global coverage.

How will the integration work?

Ericsson and Arkessa provide a secure, managed global connectivity solution that supports the rapid and efficient deployment of Voi e-scooter fleets around the world, helping to increase micro-mobility in cities. Arkessa will supply Voi with global eSIMs, LTE (Long Term Evolution, a certain type of 4G that delivers the fastest mobile internet), and associated Ericsson IoT Accelerator-manager service, through which Voi can easily increase the size of, activate, and manage its fleets of connected scooters worldwide, regardless of their location.

Arkessa is providing access to multiple LTE networks in each of Voi’s key markets, in addition enabling global connectivity in new, upcoming markets as Voi expands its horizons. Voi will integrate the solution into our new scooters, as well as retrofitting our existing fleets.

Arkessa’s global connectivity offers Voi the flexibility to deploy scooters in many countries for its sizeable and growing fleet while minimizing costs and optimizing coverage. During the lifetime of an e-scooter, one single eSIM can connect to different service providers without the need for physical replacements, offering significant cost savings in fleet management.

“We are excited to work with Arkessa to provide superior IoT connectivity in our scooters and ensure an even higher level of service for our riders and partner cities,” says Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and co-founder. “By leveraging Arkessa’s secure and resilient global network connectivity, Voi can continue to deliver fast, reliable e-scooter services as we expand into new markets and roll out our next-generation vehicles and IoT hardware.”

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