Discover the Fun of Riding Together - Voi Introduces "Group Ride" Feature

May 22, 2024

The Group Ride feature allows users to unlock up to 5 e-scooters simultaneously.

Riding scooters is fun - that's the conclusion of a study by the University of Leeds and University of Cambridge. Four out of five riders are in a great mood after an e-scooter ride. And what could top that? Sharing the excitement with friends, of course. That's where Voi's new Group Ride feature comes in, now rolling out in select markets.

Group Ride feature now allows rides for groups of up to 5 people

Exploring the city with friends has never been easier. All it takes is one person with the Voi app to start a Group Ride. The app user acts as the host of the ride, initiating the ride for up to 4 additional riders in their app. Extra vehicles can also be added to the group during the ride. When the adventure wraps up, the host ends the rides individually or all together, making sure all the vehicles are parked safely.

Great opportunity to experience e-scooters for the first time

Group Ride is a great way to become familiar with e-scooters, as it provides a supportive setting among friends. "Exploring the city is even better with Group Ride," says Fredrik Hjelm, CEO of Voi. "Those who've scooted in groups can attest to the freedom and fun it brings." Plus, it's environmentally friendly – a Voi scooter emits five times less CO2 than a car. “With this feature, we hope to convince even more people of the benefits of green micromobility”, says Hjelm.

One person per scooter - more safety on the road

Promoting road safety is paramount with Group Ride, as it discourages dangerous and illegal tandem rides. Now, even non-app users can ride with their friends seamlessly. Hosts ensure all riders follow the rules, ideally completing the RideSafe Academy, Voi's digital traffic school, before the ride. Groups should make a conscious effort to be considerate, avoid riding side by side, and park in a way that maximizes space efficiency. Each scooter is equipped with a bell and indicators to communicate intentions to other individuals on the road.

Group Ride is now available for all users in select cities across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

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