Voi is back in Switzerland and partnering up with SBB

May 7, 2020

Oh Voi, two launches in one day! In an effort to help organize the restart of social life in Switzerland while keeping social distancing, Voi re-opens operations in Winterthur, and launches for the first time in Zürich. Shared electric scooters offer safe and sustainable transportation while many citizens avoid crowded buses and trains, and the Swedish e-scooter company hopes to keep people out of their private cars.

In Zürich, Voi is partnering up with SBB, integrating its scooter service into the SBB SmartWay app – allowing travelers to plan their intermodal trips smoothly and efficiently through one single app. The partnership also includes Voi-branded parking spots dedicated to e-scooters outside SBB Zürich main train station.

As we are easing out of this crisis, movement in cities will eventually get back to earlier levels but it’s important that we learn from the positive environmental effects of reduced traveling these past few weeks. We’ve seen cities and businesses come together to support the community during Corona and we need to continue on this path to solve the next major challenge – climate change. Together we can find solutions to create seamless ecosystems of sustainable urban transportation, through collaborations with public transport and micro-mobility providers and making a larger variety of transport modes easily accessible to the citizens

– Claus Unterkircher, General Manager DACH at Voi Technology

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