Voi joins Key4Life’s Employability workshop, supporting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace

Apr 28, 2021

We were delighted to join Key4Life’s Employability workshop as part of Voi’s commitment to supporting diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Key4Life is an innovative crime prevention and rehabilitation charity that reintegrates young men in prison or those at risk of going to prison to reduce youth offending in the UK. The organisation mixes music, sports, equine therapy, behavioural and emotional change work to combat negative behaviour and partners with leading companies and institutions in various industries – from media and music to construction and finance and more. The cost of offending is currently £18.1 Billion – those going through Key4Life are 4 times less likely to re-offend and 4 times more likely to be in employment v the national average.

The charity’s latest programme also includes workshops, which aim at making ex-offenders more employable by mastering essential skills during job hunting, such as CV writing and interviewing.

Damien Shiel, Warehouse Manager for the West of England, joined the recent Key4Life’s workshop in Bristol. During the session, Shiel shared his top tips and advice as a recruiter and highlighted the importance of being well prepared and taking a positive approach during interviews. Damien also had an opportunity to let the attendees know more about Voi’s story and its presence in the UK and reflected upon the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.

One of the high points of the workshop was when the attendees had a chance to have a go on the Voi e-scooter, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Currently, Voi employs 200 people in the UK, and as the e-scooter demand continues, the company will continue to expand its team across the country.

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