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Voi launches first pilot with Captur to improve accessibility and mobility, creating safer streets for all

An iphone taking a photo of four Voi e-scooters lined up in a row

Safety and accessibility are two of Voi’s priorities. We want to ensure that our e-scooters help residents navigate around town, replacing short car journeys, without causing a nuisance. That is why we decided to team up with Captur – a London-based software company that gives people a quick and simple way to capture and share photo evidence.

A test pilot is now launching in Oxford, empowering people with an additional way to report any Voi e-scooters that may be a cause of concern.

Thanks to Captur, residents of Oxford (also famously referred to as Oxonians) can report the location of any misplaced e-scooter and the issue by scanning the QR code located on the base of the Voi scooter and sending a photo.

Powered by machine learning, this solution can improve local e-scooter recovery operations, allowing the local team to quickly identify the issues and address them in a more efficient way, driving improvements in accessibility and mobility.

Currently, users in the UK can report an e-scooter via this page or by contacting the Voi Support team. This partnership with Captur is another step forward in Voi’s commitment to safeguarding all road users and pedestrians, creating safer and more accessible streets for all.

While Voi continues to introduce user-friendly reporting tools, it also continues to reward its users to complete the RideLikeVoila digital e-scooter traffic school and incentivise them to join its regular free online safety webinars.

According to Richard Corbett, Regional General Manager of UK, Ireland and Benelux for Voi:
“The trial has been really well received in Oxford with over 6.9K rides being taken since we last launched back in February. From day one, we have been focused on educating our riders to ensure they ride and park responsibly. However, we are aware that one of the biggest challenges for micro-mobility adoption is clutter. This pilot with Captur gives Oxford residents a simple tool to easily report a scooter that might be a cause of concern while allowing us to improve our e-scooter recovery operations.

As more people adopt e-scooters as their mode of transport, replacing short car journeys, safety and accessibility will continue to be at the top of our priority list.”

Charlotte Bax, the founder of Captur, also said:
“It’s been fantastic to see that the Captur platform is not only increasing communication between Voi and the general public, but also providing more accessible data to Oxford County Council.

The future of mobility in our cities depends on all three parties collaborating together, and with technology, we can make this easier than ever. “

Councillor Yvonne Constance, Cabinet Member for Environment, Oxfordshire County Council, said:
“Our electric scooter trial in Oxford with Voi has brought us an exciting opportunity to explore alternative and green transport options for our communities. As a county council, we have set out our continued commitment to addressing climate change and transport innovation is a key part of that. We welcome the launch of the Captur service to help keep scooters in suitable locations where the public can make the best use of them and minimise any inconvenience to pedestrians.”