Voi launches in the Hanseatic city of Rostock

Apr 29, 2022

We are delighted to be expanding our services in Germany, launching in the Hanseatic city of Rostock today, 29 April 2022. We have been operating in Germany for almost three years – providing safe and sustainable micromobility services for people seeking an alternative to short car trips, or a first and last mile solution that can complement their public transport journeys. 

Having already established ourselves as the leading shared e-scooter provider in Germany, we are committed to making road safety and inclusivity our number one priority. This is why our motto for the launch in Rostock is “Ride it right”. Through educational work and safety measures, we strive to incentivise our riders to Voi safely and also to park responsibly. 

Rider education 

As part of our Vision Zero, we are committed to preventing all serious incidents involving e-scooters from 2030 onwards. To raise awareness and create an opportunity for people to learn how to ride e-scooters under safe supervision, we are conducting safety training in all our German towns and cities. Read more about our latest safety training sessions in Erlangen and Berlin.

In addition to our on-site safety training, our riders are advised, through in-app messaging, to use our digital traffic school RideLikeVoila. In addition, riders who are not familiar with electric scooters can select the Beginner’s mode option, which automatically lowers the maximum speed to 15km/h.

Mitigating intoxicated riding through our in-app Reaction Test

In order to prevent drunk driving, anyone who wants to rent a Voi scooter between 22.00 hrs and 05.00 hrs in Rostock, Thursday to Saturday, must first carry out our in-app Reaction Test. Riders who fail the test are advised to take alternative modes of transport.

Promoting safe parking habits

Irresponsible parking causes accessibility issues and unnecessary street clutter. With our Parking Photo feature, we make it mandatory for riders to take and submit a photo of their parked scooter after each ride. The photos are then analysed by our support team and the riders of incorrectly parked scooters receive warnings and advice about how to improve their parking practices. Riders can also be banned from the app if they are found to be parked incorrectly on more than one occasion. 

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