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Voi launches daily and monthly subscription ‘Voi Pass’


Voi here, Voi there, Voi everywhere.

Our wheels just got more magic than ever before. With our monthly and daily Voi Pass, riders can now enjoy more rides for a fixed price.

Voi Pass has been designed to make it even more attractive for users to increase their number of e scooter rides with its flat fee, at a level significantly lower than the existing public transport monthly passes.

Voi wants to make its scooters accessible for people from all walks of life. This is now more than ever relevant as cities in Europe are easing out of lockdown and people are going back to work and crowded buses, trains and trams can present a potential health hazard.

By introducing Voi pass, the Swedish micro-mobility operator is taking a further step to democratize access to more safe and sustainable transport alternatives at a cheaper rate, and with extended operational zones in all cities.

How does Voi Pass work? (Latest update: July 28, 2021)

For a fixed price, riders may take up to 10 rides a day, but not more than 200 minutes in total. After the first 45 minutes of each ride, the standard price per minute in your city will apply. Voi Pass is available either as a 24-hour pass or a monthly subscription. The timestamp starts at the time of the purchase, and the monthly pass is automatically renewed on a 30-day basis unless users choose to end their subscription prior to the renewal date. The subscription does not have a binding time.

If a user rides more than 10 times in a day, and exceeds the 200-minute limit, they will receive a warning. If it happens again within 30 days, they will no longer be able to use their Voi Pass or buy a new one. The Voi Pass is subject to our User Agreement, including the Fair Usage Policy (non-commercial use only). Users who feel that they have been locked out from our service despite responsible usage can reach our support team to discuss the matter on [email protected].

Voi Pass is limited to the city in which the purchase is made. Price levels vary from city to city, with the rule of thumb that Voi Pass will be more affordable than each city’s local public transport subscription. The subscription is personal and cannot be shared.

Now get out there and focus on doing what you love, and spend less time planning for transportation. Get Voi Pass – the city is yours to explore.