Voi hits milestone with launching it’s 100th city

Aug 24, 2022

Voi has hit an important milestone with the launch of its 100th city! You can now enjoy a Voi ride in 100 cities across 11 countries all over Europe. But which city received the coveted 100th spot?

For Voi to have reached this number of active cities within four years is a strong feat. To launch a city requires hard work from not only the team at Voi but also from the city that we are planning to launch. Voi never launches a city without prior approval from the municipalities. So, working together with each and every city both before and after the launch takes time and dedication. So for us to have been able to launch 100 cities showcases the strength of our entire team.

Hans Waagoe, VP Market Operations, said: “Anyone that has been even remotely involved with launching a city knows how much work it is, which makes it remarkable that we have been able to launch 100 in just our short lifetime as a company. This is also a manifestation of what we do, creating cities made for living all over the world, as every time we launch a new city this is a new city that we help improve and make a little more livable”

Voi was founded in 2018 by four friends, Fredrik, Adam, Douglas and Filip, who had a dream to change the way that people move around in cities and towns all over the world and at the same time give space back to the people living in the cities. It started with just a few scooters on the streets of Stockholm four years ago, and now, we have provided over seven million people with over 125 million rides in just four years. What started as a dream for four people in Stockholm has grown to be a frontrunner in the micromobility industry and a workplace for 1000+ people.

Now let’s get back to the topic at hand. Which city is Voi’s 100th city? As the capital and largest city of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. The spot for Vois 100 city goes to Mainz! Now its 200 000 inhabitants can hop on a Voi.

This is not all.

We are also launching our 101st city, Wiesbaden in Germany. Both cities are situated close to one another and only separated by the river Rhine. Neither of the cities would have been launched without the other so Wiesbaden deserves some recognition as well.

We are happy to have launched in both Mainz and Wiesbaden and are looking forward to many more launches to come.

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