Voi partners with FlixBus in UK and Germany to encourage city-hoppers to join the sustainable travel revolution

Sep 1, 2022

Voi, the leading European micromobility operator, has teamed up with the global leader in long-distance coach travel, FlixBus, to offer city-hoppers the chance to explore the great cities of Germany and the UK more affordably and sustainably with special discount codes for riders and passengers.

Voi and FlixBus offer a smart complementary service that allows people to discover nearly 30 towns and cities across the UK and Germany. Whether looking to visit the famed Brandenburg Gate or Reichstag Building in Berlin, trying the perfect German beer or Rouladen, seeing Banksy’s street art in Bristol, or visiting Liverpool’s waterfront, this new partnership offers an opportunity to explore cities sustainably and on a budget.

With the ease of booking a journey, FlixBus offers city-hoppers high levels of comfort and affordability and an eco-friendly travel experience. The convenience and flexibility of Voi e-scooters mean travellers can safely ride, taste and experience the culture, food, and other hidden gems of each place, without creating pollution or congestion.

For passengers and riders in Germany and the UK, Voi and FlixBus are offering the following special discounts for new and existing riders and passengers to help save money and reduce their carbon footprint by encouraging more people to hop aboard:

Discounts on Voi
When booking a bus or train journey on Flix’s website, look out for the banners on the booking confirmation page that gives new riders 15 mins of free rides and existing Voi-agers 15% off a Daily Pass using the following codes:

  • New Users: VOIFLIX_DE_FREE (Germany) or VOIFLIX_UK_FREE (UK)

  • Existing Users: VOIFLIX_DE_15 or VOIFLIX_UK_15 (UK)

  • Redemption: Codes must be redeemed and used by 15 December 2022

Discounts on FlixBus
Any Voi riders in Germany will receive 10% off their FlixBus and FlixTrain journey, and all Voi riders in the UK will receive 10% off their FlixBus journey.  All Voi riders will receive a personalised code, which will be sent to them via email from Voi. These offers will both end on 15 December 2022.

Where can the discount codes be used?
Voi and FlixBus offer overlapping services in the following 27 locations (click the links to check out Voi’s City Guides):














United Kingdom (e-scooters only)


Voi and FlixBus’ visions align on remaking how people move around cities. Transport accounts for around one-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, so ensuring safe and sustainable travel is available to the masses is an important part of making that generational lifestyle change for millions across the continent in order to tackle the climate emergency.

Xiaoxiao Milz-Chen, CSR & Sustainability Expert at FlixBus, said:
“Sustainable travel has always been a priority for Flix, and we are very excited to announce this partnership. We are investing a lot of effort and resources in different alternative drive technologies, and this partnership gets us one step closer to a greener future.

“Thanks to our customers who chose to travel with FlixBus, we managed to save 400,000 tons of CO2 emissions last year!”

Caroline Hjelm, Head of Markering at Voi, said:
“We’re delighted to be partnering with Flixbus to offer the complete package of affordable, green travel for that city-hopping in the UK and Germany.

“Flying and personal car usage adversely impact the environment, especially when travelling to new places. Our complimentary service, together with our special discounts, mean people can simply hop on a Flixbus and our e-scooters with the peace of mind knowing they’re helping to tackle climate change and creating better cities for living.”

Voi is built on a vision of cities made for living, free from noise and pollution. Championing the transition towards shared mobility, its zero-emissions e-bike and e-scooter service is helping towns and cities transition away from being car-centric urban spaces to places where people want to live in.

Voi’s latest annual global user survey shows that 36% of e-scooter riders say they have drastically or fully replaced their car use because of the availability of micromobility, including e-scooters, and 55% of riders say that they typically are combining e-scooter rides with public transport, up from 47% last year.

Similarly, FlixBus has invested heavily in new technology to have some of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation available to passengers. For example, it has reduced its emissions by using biogas-powered buses as well as offsetting through its partnership with environmental NGO, Atmosfair.

For city-hoppers looking to adopt greener travel, avoiding flights and leaving the car at home has never been more important, and this collaboration between Voi and FlixBus allows even more people to make a difference and help create better places for living.

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