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Voi Pass – Pricing policy & update

woman sitting on a bench with a laptop in her lap, a red e-scooter is standing in the right front corner of the image

Voi’s vision is to offer shared e-scooters and e-bikes as a complement to public transport, to make cities more accessible for citizens without the need of a car. For instance, we have more than 30,000 users in Stockholm every day during our summer season. Since the world has been slowly opening up again, people are doubling their efforts to prevent climate change, reflected by an even faster uptake in the demand for our service.

Our aim is to make e-scooters available for everyone and be part of a movement that democratises mobility: getting from A to B quickly and conveniently is an option that everyone should have. And it should not be a luxury, restricted to a wealthy few. Our pricing is designed to fit this vision, and to benefit those that rely most heavily on our service.

Pay As You Go has been our standard payment model since our early days. This mode consists of a fixed unlock fee and an additional minute price, which is calculated and billed at the end of the ride. Users who ride more often receive an additional discount of up to 40% through our loyalty system.

However, we wanted to go one step further. So, as the first operator in the industry, Voi also launched a Monthly and Daily Voi Pass last year – to offer a more customised price model for daily commuters and other frequent users.

In order to make such a feature available we depend on our riders to use it responsibly. That means respecting other road users, refraining from abuse, such as constantly booking rides to “hoard” a scooter, and not using our scooters to conduct business. This code of conduct is a part of our vision to shape cities for living together. And it is reflected in our terms and conditions. We are happy to say that, for the most part, our riders have shown themselves to be a dependable and responsible community.

Changes to the Voi Pass

Some weeks ago, we saw an increase in misuse of our Daily and Monthly Voi Passes. Since then, we were able to identify two user segments that affect safety and accessibility in our service for users. One of the segments consists of commercial users, like delivery companies. The second segment is users who are prone to “anti-social behaviour”. For example, those who treat our e-scooters more as toys than as the transport service it is supposed to be.

It goes without saying that causing danger for other road users is unacceptable behaviour. Which is why we made the decision to update our User Terms with a limit of 200 minutes’ use, or ten started journeys that last over two minutes per day. These limits are referred to in our User Terms & Conditions.

Because trust is a two-way street, we want to be clear about this change to our customers and everyone else. We are truly sorry that outward communication was delayed on some channels, and we promise to fix the issues in our work streams that caused this. Therefore, we will redouble our efforts, and make sure that the new prices are openly and transparently communicated on all our channels – including this blog. In order to update and remind our users of the terms of use we are adding special reminders when buying a Daily or Monthly Pass in our app.

We apologise for the negative effects this change may have had on responsible users. This is not a change we are happy to implement, and we would very much prefer to go back to how things were before.

Banning users

To tackle severe issues of misuse and irresponsible behaviour we have also moved to ban certain accounts. Users who feel that they have been locked out from our service, despite responsible use, can reach our support team to discuss the matter at [email protected]. We promise to cancel the ban of every user that has been wrongly affected, and have already done so in several cases.

Everyone who has been cancelled from their Monthly Pass is being compensated for the days they haven’t used. Before they were locked out of the service, they were also warned, both in the app and by e-mail, about the potential consequences of their behaviour.

Users who have had their Monthly Passes cancelled can still buy single journeys, meaning they are not cancelled from the entire service, only from buying Monthly Passes, and only for a limited time.

In addition to this, we are constantly evaluating how we can improve our methods in differentiating irresponsible users from users who behave in accordance with Voi’s user terms and want to travel sustainably in cities.

We never mean to deceive our users. Our purpose is to develop a new type of inclusive service for sustainable mobility in cities. Sometimes we face bumps in the road that we have to work intensively to measure, for example parking and road safety.

We are listening to all feedback that has been received, and we have reviewed our promotion of the Monthly Pass.

If you would like to hear more about us at Voi, or our vision, just reach out and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.