Safe scooting – Voi’s e-scooters receive “Micro-Mobility Standard” certification by DEKRA DIGITAL

Oct 14, 2021

E-scooters are more popular than ever in Germany in 2021. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure that both experienced and new users can travel safely on them. After extensive testing by DEKRA DIGITAL experts, Voi has been awarded the “Micro-Mobility Standard” by German DEKRA DIGITAL for their safety standards.

Compared with other forms of transport, e-scooters are still quite new in Germany. At the same time, demand is increasing almost exponentially. Indeed, these small electric vehicles hold the potential to replace millions of car journeys. Above all, they also strengthen the role of public transport. To ensure the safety of users, providers such as Voi have rolled out numerous new features in recent months, such as the helmet selfie, the reaction test and the Parking Photo. Industry standards, set by established safety specialists such as DEKRA DIGITAL, help to document and drive forward this development.

New mobility services in inner cities should be designed to be safe and sustainable, and this is especially true for e-scooters” explains Dr Kerim Galal, Managing Director of DEKRA DIGITAL.

For this purpose, we at DEKRA DIGITAL are partners for urban mobility – of e-scooter providers and cities – with our “Micro-Mobility Standard. We are pleased that Voi has now also successfully passed our certification process.”

After an extensive testing process, the scooters of the Swedish provider Voi have now been certified according to the “Micro-Mobility Standard” developed by DEKRA DIGITAL. The certificate is awarded to micromobility providers that meet high safety standards in eight categories and operate in a sustainable manner.

Safety is a top priority at Voi” explains Stephan Boelte, Voi’s Regional General Manager, Germany. “We are very pleased that our efforts have now been officially and independently confirmed by DEKRA DIGITAL.”

Test procedure in eight areas, with over 120 test points

Voi’s e-scooters and operations were extensively tested by DEKRA DIGITAL in a procedure comprising over 120 test points within eight areas. In addition to the technical design of the e-scooter itself, the eight main categories also include production and delivery, as well as recycling, user-friendliness, data protection and cooperation with cities. The testing process combines the expertise of international experts from the DEKRA Group.

The Micro-Mobility Standard was introduced by DEKRA DIGITAL in 2019. It is intended to contribute to documenting and ensuring the safety of e-scooters in road traffic. Now that they have been awarded the certification, Voi wants to further strengthen the role of e-scooters as a sustainable and safe alternative for the first and last mile in cities.


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