Voi secures approval for three of its latest e-scooter vehicles

Aug 5, 2020

In line with tradition, Voi’s vehicles have been formally approved by a national transport authority.

In 2019, Voi was the first operator to meet German vehicle standards, widely considered the highest standards in the global market. The Swedish e scooter operator has now received formal approval by the UK Department for Transport (DfT) for its three Voi e scooter models, among them the newest Voiager 3X with swappable battery technology.

At Voi, we take pride in having developed and designed our scooters and first-class IoT technology inhouse at our Swedish R&D and engineering department. By being present in hardware development across all steps of the value chain, we can ensure the highest of quality and responsibility in both material choices and vehicle design, and make sure that our scooters are optimized to fit into our efficient daily operations that include swapping batteries on-site and frequent maintenance by our local repairs teams.

Taking responsibility for our environmental impact

Voi is part of an urban mobility revolution, we are seeing the biggest shift in the way people travel in a hundred years. We want to make sure that transformation happens in the right way – through technology and innovation, through open and transparent dialogue, and being accountable for our social and environmental impact. That is why, in 2019, we commissioned a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) – the first-ever of its kind based on real-life data from European scooters – that was independently conducted by EY.

The report confirmed that Voi’s youngest e scooter model with swappable batteries, that was introduced in Paris in December 2019, has a lifespan range of 24-60 months. The analysis also concluded that Voi’s emission levels (taking the entire value chain like production, shipping, operations and end-of-life-practices into consideration) had decreased by more than 70% since introducing swappable battery scooters, and are as low as 35 CO2 eq. per passenger-kilometer. That is on par with public transport in many European cities. The LCA was made publicly available through EY’s report “Micromobility: Moving Cities into a Sustainable Future”, and learnings have made it possible for Voi to avoid and reduce even more emissions across the value chain. As of January 2020, Vois service is completely carbon-neutral in all cities, thanks to offsetting remaining emissions in collaboration with its partner, climate neutrality expert EcoAct.

The best user experience on the market

The Voiager 3X is not only Voi’s most sustainable scooter ever, it’s also a drastic improvement in user experience and is designed to tackle many of the challenges we have encountered through experience as well as response from our users and cities.

Voyager 3X is equipped with:

  • Hydraulic double suspension for smoother rides than ever before (even on cobblestone)

  • Triple-redundant break system

  • 50% reduction in service emissions, thanks to a drastic reduction in trips necessary for charging and maintaining scooters when batteries can be swapped on site

  • 4G connection for quick and hassle-free unlocking, and sub-meter geolocation accuracy with our proprietary IoT developed in Sweden

  • Display with zones and availability status – you never have to look in the app to see whether the scooter has enough battery or whether you are within a no parking zone

  • Dual kickstand that prevents the scooters from falling over

  • Phone holder for easier city navigation

  • A handy carrying hook for your purse or grocery bags

Soon, UK riders will be able to enjoy Voi’s liberating coral scooters and British cities will have an opportunity to introduce a mode of transport that can radically improve how we get around in urban areas. We are in the middle of a transport revolution, and Voi can’t wait to help cities bring about this huge shift in culture and travel habits.

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