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Voi selected as official member of the EU’s Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum

Voi selected as official member of the EU’s Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum
  • Voi Technology has been appointed member of the Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum (MPMF), founded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport. 
  • The Forum consists of 100 members, among them state representatives and mobility experts from the triple helix (research, industry and politics).
  • The Commission’s objective is to further strengthen the legal framework to facilitate the deployment and operational use of multi-modal transport across the EU.
  • Voi aims to support the Commission and MPMF in achieving 100 climate neutral cities by 2030, providing advice and expertise for cooperative, responsible and holistic scaling of multimodality across the European Union.

Competence in evaluating and implementing multimodal services

Voi operates in over 70 cities across 11 countries, employing 1000 people. To date, Voi serves more than seven million riders with 90 million rides, making micromobility widely available to people throughout Europe and the UK. 

Voi has expertise based on three years of decisive actions that have enabled a greater share of sustainable, reliable and multimodal digital mobility solutions on a pan-European level.

About the Forum

The MPMF will assist the Commission in the preparation of policy initiatives in the field of sustainable multimodal mobility. The MPMF serves as a platform for structured dialogue, exchange of technical knowledge, cooperation and coordination between EU member states as well as relevant public and private stakeholders.  

As such, barriers identified to multimodality are the following:

  1. Access to real-time and high-quality passenger transport information
  2. Resilient and enhanced infrastructure network
  3. Facilitate booking and payment of all mobility offers
  4. Harmonised passenger right framework

The MPMF should facilitate the implementation of Commission CommunicationSustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy – putting European transport on track for the future” on aspects relating to multimodal passenger mobility and support the objective of seeing at least 100 climate neutral cities by 2030, as set by EU’s mission on climate neutral and smart cities.

A seamless user experiences require integrated transport solutions

To enhance our service accessibility and to succeed in achieving a modal shift, Voi focuses on tight bonds with public and private organisations in the transport sector. We collaborate with over 45 transport partners including Deutsche Bahn, BVG, SNCF, FreeNow and Google Maps. Thereby, we rely on an approach that enables seamless user experience across multiple layers:

  • Digital integration: Voi has two ready-to-use APIs, enabling: 1) The display of fleet in third party platforms and the redirection via a deep link (cf. MaaS level 1), 2) Full user experience in third-party platforms (cf. Maas level 2).
  • Commercial integration: Voi offers co-branding, promotions and tariff bundles (cf. MaaS Level 3).
  • Physical integration: Voi offers its infrastructure to over 10 public transport partners and integrates its fleet in public-owned mobility hubs, eg Jelbi Hubs in Berlin

Voi has developed a legal framework that has been widely used and adopted by deep integration partners. We invest heavily in projects and research to unlock cross-border potential of micromobility and, in doing so, Voi has been industry-first in:

We are honoured to become a member of the Multimodal Passenger Mobility Forum to leverage our expertise as private specialists in the advisory body. Voi is very motivated by our vision to ensure that multimodal transformation happens safely, sustainably and responsibly. To date, we see opaque conditions that hinder the full potential of combined trips between public transit and micromobility. As we continue to intensify fair collaboration between all public and private partners, we could easily unlock the full potential and increase intermodality”, says Jasmin Rimmele, Sr Manager Public Growth & MaaS strategy at Voi.

Voi’s motivation for enhancing multimodality in the European Union

Voi was founded in Sweden in 2018 with the vision to reduce noise and pollution in our UK and European cities, by providing shared micromobility services in partnership with cities and local communities. Micromobility can play a central role in changing how people move in our cities, and we want to ensure that this transformation happens the right way. Voi is motivated by innovative technology, open and transparent dialogue with city councils and customised services to meet local needs. Voi has been a carbon neutral company since January 2020 and has adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding framework.