How Voi keeps citizens in Lübeck moving during public transport strike

Feb 17, 2022

Cities made for living – that is our mission at Voi. 

On Tuesday 15 February 2022, bus services in Lübeck went out of service due to a warning strike that affected the entire region and lasted all day, from 04.00 hrs in the morning until 01.00 hrs on the following day.

In order to support commuters in Lübeck on their way to work and around the city during the day, we bolstered our fleet with 150 additional scooters in the close vicinity of commuter hubs like public transport stations, as well as throughout the city’s outskirts. Additionally, by entering the code “GRUENEWELLE22” into the Voi app, riders in Lübeck received access to two free rides for the duration of the strike day.

We believe that helping citizens get from A to B quickly and easily is key to reaching this target: as cities continue growing, urban social life has increasingly moved outside. We encourage people to explore their cities on foot more often – by offering a reliable mode of transport they can always fall back on – when the bus has already left or when feet get tired, anywhere and anytime.

Apart from providing a valid alternative to short car trips, we think of our scooters as part of the local public transport service: as a ready and available first and last mile solution. Or, as in this case, as a replacement for buses and metros when these aren’t available.

It has now been almost three years since Voi started operating in Lübeck in July 2019. In this time close to 700,000 unique riders have made over 1.3 million trips for a combined length of three million kilometres in the Hanseatic city. And we are looking forward to so many more.


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