Voi teams up with Klaxon Mobility to democratise transportation, bringing shared micromobility to wheelchair users

Feb 9, 2021

We focus on making micromobility as inclusive and accessible as possible. Today, we are another step closer to reaching our goal to democratise transportation: we have announced a partnership with Klaxon Mobility to integrate its wheelchair-accessible electric handbike into our fleet of shared micromobility offerings.  The partnership will expand accessible transportation options and bring micromobility to a new audience with the Klaxon Klick, an apparatus that attaches to manual wheelchairs and provides an added electric boost of power.

Launched in 2015, Klaxon Mobility specialises in devices that attach to manual wheelchairs, allowing users to move independently and with minimal effort. The company’s Klick models include a patented linking system that makes it fast and easy to connect and disconnect a Klaxon Klick from any wheelchair, giving users flexibility and enabling them to travel longer distances over more varied terrain.

Quick and nimble, the Klick gives wheelchair users extra power (of speeds up to 15 km/h) when they need one. In cities with protected bike lanes, electric wheelchair users commonly share lanes with cyclists, but the flow of traffic often moves too fast for manual wheelchairs. Voi will help new Klaxon users affix a small hitch below the seat of their wheelchair before their first ride. Once installed, the device easily clicks into place for all subsequent rides.

Voi plans to work with city transportation officials and accessibility organisations to streamline the rental process and ensure its electric micromobility is available to all. As micromobility legislation opens up new markets, Voi intends to pilot the Klaxon Klick in New York City, where it will be available to rent on an on-demand and monthly basis. Monthly renters will have their own Klaxon at their disposal, while on-demand users will be able to find and rent one through the Voi app.

The Klaxon is Voi’s latest initiative promoting accessible mobility. We are also prototyping a sit-down electric trike, which provides additional stability and comfort for those with mobility restrictions or individuals who prefer a seated ride. (The seated trike will also be available to New Yorkers as part of Voi’s shared fleet, pending approvals and legislation.)

“We believe electric micromobility can offer a transportation solution for all, regardless of age or ability,” says Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder and CEO at Voi. “More cities are recognising that streets built to support micromobility can also improve mobility access for wheelchair users and others who face mobility challenges. The Klaxon Klick is a thoughtful addition to Voi’s fleet, since it can attach to any wheelchair, allowing wheelchair users to get around more easily, efficiently, and safely.”

“We are really proud to collaborate with Voi,” says Andrea Stella, co-founder at Klaxon. “This partnership will lead to the realisation of our dream to make cities more accessible and to empower everyone to move in autonomy and comfort — because a world without barriers is a world worth living in.”

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