Voi towards Vision Zero: a look at our new safety campaign

Dec 18, 2020

Voi’s latest road safety campaign is our next push to achieve Vision Zero, the multi-national strategy to eliminate traffic injuries and fatalities, while supporting equitable, safe mobility for all

Every day, millions of people unlock their car door, sit in the driver’s seat and go for a ride. This seemingly mundane activity is likely the riskiest thing they’ll do all day. Traffic incidents are a major cause of injuries and fatalities worldwide. In fact, it is the single leading cause of death for people aged five to 29 years old.

So how do we make our roads safer for all users? Research into transportation behaviour shows that there are a few distinct categories when it comes to getting people to embrace two-wheeled transport. According to Alta Innovation Lab, the largest category — up to 60% of the population — would take more trips on two wheels if they felt safer doing so.

Today, we’re excited to launch a new road safety campaign aimed at educating drivers. Many Voi cities have invested in advertising campaigns to improve driver behaviour, including encouraging motorists to look out for pedestrians and cyclists and to obey speed laws. We’ll supplement these efforts with our own campaign, focused on increasing awareness of e-scooters.

We’ll be rolling these out on social media and paid channels in the UK and New York City to start, and we hope to expand these efforts in the coming months.

Our new campaign fits into our multi-pronged safety strategy. At Voi, safety is at the core of what we do, from vehicle design to on-the-ground operations, to collaboration with our partner cities to ongoing rider education:

  • We encourage safe riding through regular in-app communications and our industry-first online traffic school, RideLikeVoila, which has educated more than 500,000 riders to date.

  • We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure riders are following the rules of the road, including advanced geofencing of no-ride, slow-ride, and no-ride zones, as well as in-app features, such as our helmet selfie, Reaction Test, and Beginner’s mode.

  • We collaborate closely with our partner cities, working with councils and police to ensure safety protocol meets regulatory frameworks and enforces good riding behaviour.

  • Our on-the-ground ambassadors monitor riding and are available to answer questions about operating e-scooters safely.

Our company was founded to create cities made for living by encouraging people to embrace alternative transport. In addition to being a convenient and sustainable way to travel, Voi can lead to better road safety outcomes, since overall road safety improves when car journeys are replaced with trips on foot, transit, bike or scooter.

Let’s work together to achieve Vision Zero and make streets safe for all.

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