Voi UK launches new city guides for Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham for Black History Month

Oct 26, 2021

The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.” — Maya Angelou

We talk a lot about journeys at Voi. How to make transport greener, more accessible, more inclusive. We metaphorically bulldoze our way through car centric urban environments and find a new way to reclaim our cities and create change. But looking at this famous quote from poet Maya Angelou, it reminds us that sometimes we probably don’t take enough time to stand back and think about what journeys really mean to people.

Black History Month in Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham

We love to think that our e-scooters and bikes help our users to go where they want to be. But the inner journey, that’s a whole other ballpark. Black History Month gives us all a wake up call to explore more deeply, and also to keep exploring it when the month comes to an end. Which is why we have created three new Voi Black History Month guides to Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham, highlighting places or events that preserve, honour and celebrate their African and Caribbean cultural heritage.

We invite everyone to take an e-scooter and navigate their way to sites of importance in these cities. These include the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, Birmingham’s Town Hall with its exemplary multicultural music programming, and The People’s Platform in Bristol, where a series of digitally-built statues that have replaced the statue of slave trader Edward Colston after it was toppled in June 2020.

Take a journey with us, and take your time

So, take a journey with us and take your time – because there is a lot for many of us to learn. For our part, we will endeavour to keep learning, and the least we can do right now is to keep these pages updated throughout the year with other significant places. We invite our users to join us on this journey and send us photos or recommendations of places to visit by e-scooter that help us to grow our knowledge of Black history and culture. Tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram so that we can continue to work on these guides together.

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