Voi UK marks Volunteers’ Week

Jun 1, 2022

Volunteers’ Week is marked every year at the beginning of June in England, and we are taking this opportunity to highlight some of the collaborations we are working on with various charities. As part of our roadmap to inclusive micromobility, we have had the honour of working with several leading charities, some national and others more local. If, like us, you want to support a modal shift and create better cities for living for everyone, please do seek out the charities mentioned below and support them in any way you can.

Wheels for All

We first made our connection with this top cycling charity, Wheels for All, just before Christmas 2021, when we ran a seasonal campaign where we wrapped our scooters in golden paper and, when a rider took a trip on one of them, we donated the unlock fee to the charity.

It is an honour to work with this charity which has over fifty centres around the UK. Here they provide cycling tracks, trikes, handcycles, tandems and many more adapted cycles for young people and adults with disabilities and differing needs. If our riders volunteer with this charity, they will also be thanked for their support with one complimentary Daily Pass.*

A few of us recently spent time volunteering with Wheels for All at their Liverpool centre, supporting people to ride bikes and enjoy the thrill of active travel. Our Senior PR Manager, Paula Santos enthused about the event, saying:

“It was a pleasure to volunteer with Wheels for All. I was impressed by the wide array of cycles they offer to cater for all types of needs and it was a real pleasure to spend the day supporting children, adults and their carers to cycle and have fun. I won’t forget this teenage boy who had never ridden a bike before. He was really scared at first but then had a go, he really enjoyed it and he was incredibly happy with himself. This made me realise that there’s still much more we need to do as a society if we want to decarbonise our cities and towns, including making scooting and cycling more inclusive for all.

I saw pure joy on everyone’s faces when they were riding around and I can’t wait to join another event and support this fantastic programme. You should also give it a go, it’s a rewarding experience and you’ll come home with your heart full!”

Future First

Future First is a UK education charity supporting young people who are in state schools to broaden their career horizons. Future First has identified that, for too many young people, their start in life is limiting their future. They do not have access to relatable role models to help them understand what they can achieve, nor the networks, knowledge and tools to help them to get there.

We have partnered with Future First in a number of ways including working directly with young people on insight days in order to engage and educate them on, in particular, green careers. We also strive to show the variety of opportunities available to young people entering the workplace without having to necessarily attend university. In addition, we are working directly with Future First to advertise opportunities in the local community for their school leavers.


One of our values at Voi is to build with empathy and to support inclusion in the workplace. As an educational charity based in Bristol, London and Somerset, Key4Life supports people who have been involved in crime, or at a risk of doing so, by offering rehabilitation and employability workshops.

We have volunteered at several of their workshops in Bristol, supporting people who would like to not only improve their employability by mastering essential skills, such as CV and covering letter writing, but also by endeavouring to boost their confidence and self-esteem. We also taught them how to use Voi e-scooters too, of course!

As with so many volunteering opportunities, it turns out that we also have a lot to gain from offering our services to charities like these, and we learned a lot about inclusivity and positivity in the process.

*One complimentary Daily Pass per person only will be given to Voi customers signing up to volunteer with Wheels for All. Voi reserves the right to remove this offer at any given time. You will receive a discount code once you have done the volunteering.

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