London Calling: Voi welcomes the capital’s e-scooter tender, ready to create a better city for all 

Nov 17, 2020

At Voi, a common refrain is “get magic wheels.” Our magic is a careful alchemy of a safety-first approach, high operating standards, bespoke city services, sustainability initiatives that make a difference, rider education — and a dash or two of fun, of course! Now, we’re excited about the opportunity to bring that magic to London.

With the novel coronavirus battering the economy and social activities, and putting a strain on hospitals and public transport, we want to keep this great city moving.

Today, Transport for London (TfL) and the London Councils launched the process to select up to three operators for a 12-month e-scooter trial in the capital. And now that the search is underway, we want to show London what Voi has to offer. 

With the novel coronavirus battering the economy and social activities, and putting a strain on hospitals and public transport, we want to keep this great city moving. Shared e-scooters offer London a safe, inclusive, carbon-neutral, socially distant way for people to get around quickly — from Fulham to Farringdon, Clapham to Camden Town, Marylebone to Mayfair, and Soho to Shoreditch.

Voi is now the U.K.’s leading e-scooter operator, with more than 15 cities participating in our trials. We are confident that we can help put London on a new path to a low-carbon micro-mobility future, while aiding people’s safe return to the city centre. We believe that e-scooters are a key element to a green economic recovery, replacing car trips that would make air quality worse and increase congestion.

We’re the most experienced operator

Voi already operates e-scooters for sharing in many of Europe’s biggest cities, including Berlin, Marseille, Stockholm and Hamburg, and in the U.K. — Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Liverpool, and Northampton, with more on the way. We are also honoured to be operating the biggest European shared e-scooter contract tender of its kind in Europe, across the West Midlands. So far, Voiagers have taken over 30 million rides across Europe. 

We’ve shown how this new accessible, flexible way of travelling integrates brilliantly with other transport options. A city’s lifeblood is its people, and Voi e-scooters have the huge potential to help commuters return to the city centre and bring life and vibrancy back to the West End. They will be crucial in helping to relieve congestion in inner and outer boroughs, offering a viable alternative to cars. In the last few months, they have also provided a safe, socially distant way for people to travel during the pandemic, helping cities to rebuild and repair their economies.

We take a bespoke approach

London’s distinct boroughs each pose their own transport challenges. Voi understands these differences and will work with TfL and each council to create a bespoke, tailored plan to serve each area’s needs. Our experience in the U.K. and across Europe has helped us to develop an iterative process of improvement and innovation, which is hyper-responsive to every city’s or borough’s needs and priorities.

We collaborate on safety

Safety is Voi’s number-one priority. By working together with transport authorities, police, organisations representing vulnerable groups, and the wider community, we combine education, enforcement, technological solutions, and investment in infrastructure to keep all road users safe.

Our innovations include:

  • the world’s first online traffic school, #RideLikeVoila;

  • the introduction of number plates on all e-scooters to make it easy to identify riders;

  • the presence of Voi ambassadors to better manage scooter activity and educate riders, particularly about parking; and

  • in-app products, such as a reaction test to discourage drunk riding.

These just a few of the changes introduced to ensure the success of our trials. On the technology front, Voi’s pioneering AI and computer vision is enabling Voi e-scooters to “sense” pedestrians and react accordingly to ensure both riders and pedestrian safety. This creates a safer city for all.

We want to lift England’s capital up to its rightful place as a world leader in low-carbon transport innovation. Come and take a ride with Voi, London! 

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