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Voi wins Trondheim tender

red e-scooter with a helmet hanging from the handlebar, is standing in the middle of a bridge with red fence

We are delighted to announce that, on 23 March 2022, Trondheim municipality announced the three operators to provide shared e-scooter services in the city. As we have already had the honour of serving Trondheim since May 2020, we are delighted to have received this renewed recognition from the municipality to provide e-scooters for all residents in the city.

“We are glad that the municipality has chosen us once again as one of its e-scooter operators. Through local cooperation, development of parking solutions as well as the launch of our new Voiager 5 e-scooter model, we want to contribute to a safe and accessible city, not only for those travelling on wheels but also for pedestrians”, says Christina Moe Gjerde, General Manager Nordics at Voi.

Local cooperation is the best solution

Collaboration with local stakeholders has been central to our commitment to Trondheim municipality, and we continue to take pride in our ability to localise and specialise our service, according to specific community needs.

“At Voi, we are experts in gaining in-depth knowledge of local micromobility needs and know that addressing these is a vital prerequisite for developing a good service. That means that we always want to be in close collaboration with the municipality and organisations that operate there”, says Moe Gjerde.

woman in a black turtleneck and grey blazer stands on a sidewalk with blurry urban background

Voi in Trondheim

Voi’s aim in Trondheim is to deliver a safe, accessible and sustainable e-scooter service. Focusing on both riders and non-riders, our offer to the city includes excellent parking solutions, state-of-the-art technology and best practice in reusing and recycling.

Moe Gjerde concludes: “Our service will contribute something to the whole city, not just those who use our shared e-scooters. We will work continuously with the city to find the best parking solutions and also identify Slow Speed Zones to ensure safety. Through high e-scooter usage and our best practices in reusing and recycling, we aim to contribute to the municipality’s climate targets.”