Voi’s UK e-scooter trials hit new milestones

Jan 27, 2021

We have some exciting new figures to report in the UK! We’ve now welcomed over 100,000 unique riders onboard who’ve travelled more than 1 million kilometres by zipping around the nine cities and towns where we operate. That’s the equivalent of nearly the entire population of Cambridge taking a trip to the moon and back — and then some!

Of course, it’s not about the numbers — it’s about the positive effect on traffic congestion and changing transportation patterns that these numbers symbolise. We’re proud to drive this micromobility revolution.

We think our riders say it best:

Amy Carney is a Liverpool native who works in security and loves the city’s history and kind people, as well as the shopping and restaurant scene. She’s a passionate photographer and Liverpool FC supporter — and now a keen e-scooter rider, too! She tells us why she thinks e-scooters have made a positive impact on her city.

How do e-scooters help with city transportation?

It is such an easier way to get across town, especially if you live in the city centre. It is much more expensive to pay for taxi fare. I can get home much cheaper and faster.

How did you hear about the scooters and why did you decide to try one? 

I first saw the scooters in the Albert Dock area of Liverpool. I downloaded the Voi app and found that there were a lot more all over the city, so I decided to go and hunt for nearest one available.

What was it like riding the e-scooter? 

I loved riding the scooter. It was my first time on anything electrical, so initially I was a bit apprehensive, but once I got started I did not want to stop! It was better than I expected, and I have been recommending them to all my friends who had been wanting to try one for years. We’re so glad e-scooters are finally available in this city.

How do people use the e-scooters in Liverpool?

They have been very popular with the students here, and I know people who use them to get home from work. It is great to see people out and about and getting some air.

Do you think this e-scooter trial is good for Liverpool? 

I think it’s one of the best things to become available to the people of this city. It has made a big impact on how people travel around.

I sometimes see fleets of scooters going by. You can see how much fun they are having. Before the scooters arrived, you didn’t see people having as much fun, especially earlier on in the year due to the pandemic.

What is your favourite thing about the scooters? 

The speed! I was not expecting them to go as fast — I loved it. They are very well-built scooters: very strong, sturdy, and brilliantly made.

Do you think people are more inclined to take e-scooters during the pandemic for social distancing reasons?

Yes, definitely. E-scooters give you the freedom to roam the city at your own pace, away from crowds of people. I know people who do not like to get a bus because of the pandemic, so they have chosen this option. With a scooter, you can avoid coming face to face with people who are not in your social bubble. It is a good way to travel around the city during these difficult times, and I hope the council continues to provide Liverpool with these scooters for the future.




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