Zipabout and Voi partner to tackle the first- and last-mile transport challenge

Feb 16, 2021

When you’re completing a journey, you travel from door to door, not station to station or from one transport hub to another. But transport operators have often overlooked the parts of the journey that they’re not responsible for delivering. This is what’s referred to as the first- and last-mile challenge: getting people to and from transit stations, mobility hubs, and fixed-route transit services without the use of a private automobile.

When it comes to getting from home to the train station or from the bus stop to the museum, people often rely on their cars or taxis because they can seem like the simplest and most seamless door-to-door option.

If we’re to make taking public transport easier and more accessible than travelling by car, we’ll need to tackle the first- and last-mile challenge. But how?

Travelling door to door using public transport can involve lots of different transport modes: walking, cycling, train, bus, and e-scooters. By integrating all modes of transport in one place, we’re able to give passengers more options on how else they can complete their journey and make using public transport a simpler experience.

With this in mind, Voi Technology has partnered with Zipabout for the launch of its “First & Last Mile” feature.

Zipabout is a British technology company that helps people move easily and safely around the world. Its product is a plug-in, personalised information service, powered by data and built specifically for the transport sector. It delivers information that is truly personal and relevant to each specific journey, including details of real-time disruptions and alternative travel routes. It’s used by National Rail Enquiries and powers its Alert Me service.

We’re the first micro-mobility operator to be integrated into Zipabout’s platform. That means passengers using the service in cities where Voi has trials will also see e-scooters listed in the personalised messaging they receive outlining the transport options available to them.

The “First & Last Mile” technology will also help connect communities and give those living in rural areas much-needed access to customised travel information, including how best to travel to and from railway stations. Together, we hope this will encourage a shift in people’s transport habits, forgoing cars in favour of alternative mobility.

By integrating all passenger transport options in one place, Zipabout is empowering transport operators to offer customers a choice about how to begin and end their journeys. If the bus stop is crowded, why not consider an e-scooter? It is a great way to offer choice, spread demand, reduce congestion, and allow people to make informed decisions.

Zipabout co-founder and CEO Alex Froom said, “Voi is not only the first e-scooters to be part of our First & Last feature, but also the first to really share our idea of integration. From my initial conversation with Voi founder Fredrik Hjelm to ongoing discussions with the Voi team, it was apparent we all shared a passion and drive to find simple solutions to sustainable transport. I think that is what sets them apart and it has been a pleasure to work with them.”

That’s something worth celebrating, and we’re looking forward to helping customers move about with Zipabout!

If you would like to try Voi on First & Last Mile, simply sign up via Messenger:

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